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How Kemenparekraf ‘Slip’ in Umrah

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Umrah is one of the most popular religious activities. Kemenparekraf has its own way to be able to find opportunities to bring tourists here.

“Frankly, we do not support activities to bring Indonesians abroad, because our goal is to bring in foreign exchange. But Umrah cannot be prevented because it is a basic need for us Muslims to go there,” said the Deputy for Tourism Products and Activities. (Events), Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy Rizki Handayani Mustafa.

“And how to promote tour operators? I once said that I was helping tour operators to, how do you cooperate with tour operators out there to bring people there to Indonesia, because we need foreign exchange from there. So when it opens again (international gates) We will develop this at a later time. At this time we have not talked about foreign tourists,” he said at the 2021 Indonesia Islamic Marketing Festival held by MarkPlus Islamic via Zoom, Monday (12/7/21).

Rizki also revealed that when it comes to hajj and umrah, Kemenparekraf is more focused on umrah. Because Umrah activities can collaborate with tours to other countries.

“The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is more concerned with Umrah. How do our tour operators currently sell the most convenient Umrah Plus packages because they are the most profitable. But then we met several times a few years ago to discuss how to collaborate with the countries visited. Umrah plus Turkey, plus Jordan. So our task is how to cooperate with these countries in order to bring them into Indonesia,” he explained.

Rizki also gave an idea of ​​how religious tourism will be packaged so that it is more interesting to carry out.

There are several things that can be done regarding religious tourism. For example with the Istiqlal Mosque. We think of the mosque as a center that shows how Islam is not only for Muslims, there are things that we can develop other than that. And I also think we will develop that religious tourism can be packaged into ordinary tourism plus by doing activities such as giving charity. So if, for example, our religion usually goes to a certain place, then why not give charity. We have the spirit of gotong royong,” said Rizki.

“In the future, it could be while traveling while giving charity, we associate it with visiting several mosques. We give charity and we make trips to visit a place to repair mosques asking for donations. We can do this by slaughtering goats which are done outside Jakarta, for example, then we donate. From tourism, if this can be conveyed, we can call it religious tourism whose activity goals are related to religion, where the goal is to provide benefits,” added Rizki.

Rizki also said that Kemenparekraf was adapting to the pandemic conditions by issuing various prokes for tourism. He also admitted that it was difficult for Kemenparekraf to collaborate at this time. “Collaboration is indeed difficult at this time, because we are focused on handling Covid,” he concluded.

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