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There’s a ‘Luxury Palace’, But on Rails

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Trains are a growing mode of transportation. Not wanting to just be a means of transportation, this train is made as luxurious as a palace.

Reporting from CNN, a designer from France, Thierry Gaugain changed the concept of a train as a means of transportation into a new concept. So luxurious this train can show the social class of its owner.

This train is named G Train. Gaugain designed it with Philippe Strack, the yacht designer. One of his works is the Venus ship as high as 80 meters belonging to Steve Jobs.

The G Train is described as a luxurious ‘palace on re’. Later this train has a length of 400 meters. There are 14 high-tech glazed carriages that can become opaque and transparent depending on the weather.

“This train is designed for one unique owner. It is not a public train, or a passenger train,” said Gaugain.

Gaugain wanted the owner to be unique in the train, and understood that the makers didn’t just think of the train as transportation.

“It’s about (the meaning of) the journey, not how fast you are from point A to point B,” explains Gaugain.

Gaugain feels that transportation travel is now more focused on speed than the whole journey. He sees the G Train as a mode of transportation like being on a private plane that has the same pleasure value.

“Travel is not about speed. It’s about taking time because time is the only treasure we have,” he said.

Not only can the exterior of the train be changed at the push of a button, passengers can also change the interior of the train wherever they are. If passengers want to see the environment outside the train, they can switch to transparent mode.

But if they want privacy, passengers can turn the glass opaque.

“This train is a stage. You can change the light, the season, or the speed to change your relationship with time,” he said.

The idea first came to Gaugin’s mind when he was a child. He is often fascinated by trains.

However, he has yet to find the right customers, and he admits that he may need to find someone as ‘crazy’ as himself, to buy his carriage. It is likely that the construction of the train will cost US$350 million or Rp5 trillion (exchange rate 14,491) and will take two years.

“Maybe the person who bought the carriage will start a new chapter in his life. Because we [wisatawan] constantly in a hurry. We need time to slow down the inner journey in order to understand where we want to go,” he said.

The design of the Palace on the rails has 18 guest rooms that want to stay. The trains are capable of traveling at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour, and will be adapted to run on rail lines throughout the United States and Europe.

Gaugain has brought in experts such as Swiss train maker Stadler, glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain, British engineering firm Eckersley O’Callaghan and security firm Marine Guard to ensure the design is ‘proper’.

“Railways are very complicated, because no train can run on all rails around the world that adheres to all systems,” he said.

The G Train can be split in two if those in the cabin decide they want to go in different directions. Passengers enter through the main gate that leads to the main cabin area.

In the main room there is an entertainment room as well as an area for special guests, a social room and a room specially designed for receptions. Guests also have access to a ‘secret’ garden, while there is a carriage wing that folds up into an open terrace.

The venue can be used to host parties, or even concerts above the cabin. Gaugain assesses the train will be the vehicle for the future, and what Gaugain created is a marriage between luxury and the best technology.

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