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“Wana Prana Jiwa Bhuana” Closes PKB 2021 – Bali Travel News

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After going on for a whole month, the XLIII Bali Arts Festival (PKB) was closed with the Rekasadana (Performance) Ballet “Wana Prana Jiwa Bhuana” produced by SMK Negeri 3 Sukawarti, Gianyar (Kokar), Saturday 10 July 2021. only done nicely that puts forward the element of beauty, but also the message requirements. Starting, environmental messages, protecting forests, preserving ancestral culture and harmoniously maintaining unity to create a peaceful and prosperous life. This is realized through the movements of the dancers and the properties played, as well as emphasized by the puppeteers and the handyman.

This work is very interesting, because it combines technology in a scene and the need for choreography. The big screen behind the stage is not just a patch, but becomes one unit in the claim. For example, in the Paruman scene of Duryadana with his followers, it was done on stage and on screen. After the scene leading to the soldiers, Duryadana left the screen and entered the stage into a real scene. Likewise, in the atmosphere of other scenes, still combining technology so that the work is more interesting. Even though it was broadcast on the You Tube Chanel of the Bali Provincial Culture Service, the 1 hour long ballet was still interesting.

At the beginning of the performance, Bima and his siblings and his mother Kunti are told to create a clean and leafy Narawanata. The Panca Pandavas had previously been invited by Duryadana to attend a party in the village, as a ruse to destroy the five brothers. He had prepared the Gala-gala House as a place to burn the Five Pandavas. The Pandavas were not suspicious, so they just went along. It turned out that the village was slum, dirty and the people were backward. On Krisna’s suggestion, the village was then transformed into a clean, beautiful and prosperous village.

The Pandavas with all their power changed the village to be more beautiful, peaceful and all its citizens live in prosperity. The work that uses the Gong Kebyar barungan as musical accompaniment seems to remind the audience to keep the environment clean and cool. Existing plants are not only made to grow, but also arranged to be more beautiful, and according to function. This is shown by the forest dance, where the dancers are dressed in dance and combined with plants. Leaves, tree branches and others are not only used as property, but are also danced as part of the work itself.

Duryadana, supported by Sekuni’s cunning, did not accept it. He then asked Drona for help. Bagawan Drona did not immediately agree, but instead advised. Duryadana so as not to fight with his brothers, instead he had to unite to maintain the unity of the kingdom. However, Duryadana did not accept it, so he was advised to ask for help from King Detya Wesang geni from the Mani Jyoti kingdom. The meeting took place, so that King Detya Wesang geni was killed. The Pandavas then continued their journey to the Gala-gala House to fulfill Duryana’s invitation to join the party.

Duryadana’s rotten plan that ordered Sang Purucana to build the Gala-gala House was heard by Patih Widura. He then sent his son Sang Kenana to deliver the bad news. Sang Kenana conveyed his father’s message to Bima, so they then took the initiative to make a cave to save themselves, if later the artificial house caught fire. And yes, the Gala-gala House caught fire, so Bima invited his brothers and mother to save themselves through the cave. The Panca Pandavas with their mother survived, so they arrived at the Kuru Baya Forest. Kunti then asked her children not to return to Astina, but to disguise herself, so that Duryadana did not know. (BTN/bud)

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