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Seeing the Magnificence of the Solo Batik Carnival

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Solo Batik Carnival

Solo is a small city in Central Java, Solo Batik Carnival is one of the attractions of this city. Like the city of Yogyakarta, the city of Solo is also full of fashion tourism.

So if you are visiting the city of Solo, it’s not complete if you haven’t seen this Solo Batik Carnival (annual batik festival in Surakarta)

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Early History of Solo Batik Carnival

For people who are native to the city of Surakarta, they must be familiar with the Solo Batik Carnival Festival? The Solo Batik Carnival is an annual festival that showcases various creations of original Solo batik designs.

Of course, considering the city of Solo is a city of batik making unique. This festival takes place along Jalan Slamet Riyadi Surakarta. You can see the rows of carnival participants with their unique makeup and unique batik clothes with various forms of creation.

This festival is still classified as a new annual event. The Solo Batik Festival was originally held on April 13, 2008. This event originated from the idea of ​​the Surakarta Artists Association and the Surakarta Batik Artists Association.

The purpose of this festival is to introduce the diversity of batik to the world. At the beginning of its implementation, it was the Minister of Trade, Mari Elka Pangestu, who inaugurated this festival by raising mountains.

The Solo Batik Carnival began with gamelan music and a cavalry parade with the paskibraka and carnival participants. For the first time, there were 52 participants in this carnival parade from Jember Fashion Carnival. Led by Dynand Fariz.

Participants from solo totaled 247 people from various elements of society at that time. The participants used various kinds of jarik materials, cardboard, gelsa, balloons and various other decorative knick-knacks along Slamet Riyadi Street.

Since its inception, this festival has received a positive response and response. Not only from the people of the city of Solo and its surroundings, but also from all cities in Indonesia. In fact, this festival has become one of the cultural tourism destinations in the city of Surakarta.

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Purpose of this Festival Held

Solo Batik Carnival is a carnival event whose idea came from the Surakarta City Government and Solo artists. This carnival is a carnival based on cross-ethnic society, age and profession which makes batik as the main theme.

Batik is a creativity without limits that will never be finished at any time. In addition, batik also has a very long historical background in Indonesia, both in terms of philosophy, motif design and also the people who support it.

This Solo batik carnival event has a good purpose. This event is an interpretation for the people of the city of Solo in responding to batik as one of the creative work of the people of Surakarta. Creativity, independence and creativity are the spirit of this big annual festival.

Solo Batik Carnival It is also a community-based carnival. All festival participants are the people of the City of Solo by using various types of batik clothes. This is the basic idea and spirit of the community which is in line with the motto of the City of Solo “Solo Spirit Of Java”.

In other words, the purpose of the Solo Batik Carnival event is to bring the people of the city of Solo closer to the local wisdom that exists in this city. In addition, it also aims to foster a sense of love for batik clothes, especially the original batik of Solo.

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