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Sacrifice Tour, Picking Cows and Goats in the Middle of the Garden while Tasting Etawa’s Milk

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Choosing a sacrificial animal can also be done comfortably. Namely, in the middle of a green garden while tasting goat’s milk or eating delicious wagyu steak.

Eid al-Adha is just around the corner, on July 20 to be exact. For travelers who have not yet decided to sacrifice, they can choose a cow or goat directly from the cage, at 99 Tree Village.

The location is in Meruyung, Depok, West Java, not far from the iconic building of the Dome Mas Mosque. Fun, the traveler can freely choose the sacrificial animal directly in the cage.

Already so, a traveler can invite his family to enjoy the green trees here. “There are quite a lot of trees, there are various kinds, that’s why we named it Kampung Pedaunan 99,” said Nikko Priambodo, operational manager of Kampung Pekapalan 99, in a conversation with Bali Tourism.

The various trees make this area beautiful. The green leaves also make the eyes can rest for a moment.

Village of 99 Trees, Depok Photo: Femi Diah/Bali Tourism

If the Emergency Community Activity Restriction (PPKM) is not being implemented, travelers can try out the swimming pool, taste various dishes in restaurants and cafes, also see the process of making feed to extorting cow’s milk.

That’s why this cafe at 99 Tree Village offers a special milk coffee. Etawa goat’s milk coffee.

“We produce our own Etawa milk here, as well as cow’s milk. If you want to taste the meat produced by this farm, you can also have steak and burgers,” said Nikko.

There are also toilets, bathrooms, and prayer rooms here. Travelers do not need to pay an entrance ticket to stop here.

Yes, Kampung Tree 99 is not just a cafe and restaurant, it’s a breeding and fattening area for cows, goats and sheep. Village of Trees 99 has a long experience in providing sacrificial animals.

“The Tree Village has existed since 2002. This is our show room as a cattle ranch and fattening. We have five farms and feedlots throughout Java,” said Nikko.

The five farms are in Java; Depok and Parung, Indramayu, Semarang, and Probolinggo.

“From there, it grew to supply for qurbani. So, most of the people who know are traders and mosques who are used to being the qurbani committee,” Nikko explained.

99 Tree Village, DepokCafe fi Village of Trees 99 Depok Photo: Femi Diah/Bali Tourism

“Especially this year we are more open, apart from the sacrificial committee, mosques, traders. We serve and end users, individuals,” Nikko explained.

“We also develop qurban tourism. Sacrifice and travel at the same time,” Nikko added.

The change in targeting the end user was carried out by reflecting on last year’s Eid al-Adha, which was also celebrated during the Corona virus pandemic. Due to the epidemic, there are special provisions for the location of the slaughter of sacrificial animals. It refers to health protocols not to create crowds.

So, to make it more comfortable, Kampung Tree 99 built a three-story cafe. The concept is an open cafe, with a roof, but with wide windows.

“We predict that this year the implementation of qurbani will be even stricter and many are worried about making slaughter in the home environment. We have also added a slaughterhouse this year, from one to four abattoirs,” said Nikko.

With farms spread across the island of Java, Kampung Pekapalan 99 offers free delivery of sacrificial animals to the mosque or the sacrificial house.

“We provide free shipping cattle, sheep and goats, free shipping. The location of the pens spread across Java makes it easier for us to realize this service,” said Nikko.

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