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Did you know that this post office used to be a war victim’s hospital?

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A very special post office. So a silent witness to an important history, this is the Bandung Post Office. Having its address at Jalan Asia Afrika number 49, the Bandung Post Office is close to the heart of the city. As a place to deliver letters, the Bandung Post Office has a long journey.

Together with Bandung Stories, Bali Tourism To do walk tour go around the city. The route chosen is the Asia-Africa region. The Bandung Post Office is one of the hidden treasures.

“In the past, the Bandung Post Office was a hospital for war victims,” ​​said Heri Ludianto, a police officer on duty at the Bandung Post Office.

Bandung Post Office Photo: (Bonauli/Bali Tourism)

Even though it is a hospital, the shape of the building has not changed at all. This hospital only consists of two floors. “At that time, this corridor became a place for war victims, there were no rooms,” he said.

Indeed, like other war victims’ hospitals, there were no wards there. All the patients lay in the hallway with nurses and doctors pacing.

Meanwhile, the top floor becomes an operating room for seriously injured patients. The back of the hospital became a morgue.

“After becoming a post office, the upper part was converted into offices. Everything is still exactly the same as in 1963. The only thing that was repaired was the paint,” said Heri.

Time keeps running. In the misery caused by the invaders, the fighters occupied South Bandung. This post office became one of the headquarters of the fighters at that time.

“Before it was scorched, residents left their homes. One of the things that was burned was this post office,” he continued.

Because it is made of river stone, this post office still stands firm. What is there, the building is getting shinier because it was hit by the fire.

Bandung Post OfficeBandung Post Office Photo: (Bonauli/Bali Tourism)

Remains a post office until now, this place is still well-maintained and maintained. In fact, tourists can see the development of mail delivery since colonial times.

“Back then it was called Brievenbus, which made the name Brieven the Dutch,” he explained.

Residents who want to send news can enter letters through mailboxes made of steel. There is also a letter bus made from two sides of the building’s walls. From the front of the building it looks like a piggy bank, while inside the office there is a small door to take incoming letters.

“This Brivenbus is made of 100 percent iron. Heavy and still original,” he said.

Heri also said that this Brievenbus was no longer used. Because the key was taken by the owner.

“I don’t know if it was intentionally deleted or if it was lost, but it could be that this letter has been locked. Because it can’t be used, we just close it,” he said.

Bandung Post OfficeStamp collection at the Bandung Post Office Photo: (Bonauli/Bali Tourism)

Other collections on display there are stamps. Framed in one photo, there are thousands of stamps on display there.

“It was made 10 years from 1981-1990. Stamps are the hallmark of PO BOX,” he explained.

PO BOX is no longer used, because its function is replaced with a postal code. Unlike what we know PO BOX is not an abbreviation. How to read it is not spelled but read all. Wow, so the more knowledge, yes!

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