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Pursuing the Main Predicate of KLA, Gianyar Verified by PPPA Ministry – Bali Travel News

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Gianyar Regency will carry out Hybrid Field Verification (VLH) and Evaluation of Child-Friendly Districts (KLA) in 2021. Verification is carried out online centered in the Command Center room of the Gianyar Regent’s office, Thursday, 17/6/21. The verification was attended by Deputy Regent (Wabup) Anak Agung Gde Mayun, together with DPRD Chair I Wayan Tagel Winarta, Chair of the PKK Mobilization Team, Ny. Ida Ayu Surya Adnyani Mahayastra, Regional Secretary Made Gede Wisnu Wijaya, Chair of the KLA Task Force I Gede Widarma Suharta, Head of the Office of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, Population Control and Family Planning Cokorda Gede Bagus Lesmana Trisnu.

The team of verifiers from the Ministry of PPPA verified how the Gianyar Regency Government (Pemkab) fulfills rights and provides protection to children. What kind of legal products related to this matter. “The Gianyar Regency Government’s commitment to fulfilling the rights and protection of children in Gianyar Regency has been stated in its vision and mission, namely “The realization of a happy, prosperous, safe, and peaceful Gianyar community, independent, with integrity, based on Tri Hita Karana, through the Universally Planned National Development Pattern” ,” he said.

In particular, the fourth mission is to develop human resources with high integrity and competitiveness, as stated in the Gianyar Regency Planned RPJM Document. “By preparing various regulations and rules based on customs, policies and budgets so that children can be comfortable and safe to grow and develop,” he said.

Mrs. Ida Ayu Surya Adnyani Mahayastra said, TP. PKK Gianyar Regency is committed to fulfilling the protection of women and children. By carrying out the vision “The realization of intelligent, healthy, empowered, faithful and devoted families to God Almighty towards a developed Indonesia 2024”. As well as with the 10 main PKK programs, there are several excellent programs including parenting for children and adolescents in the digital era (Paredi), the Indonesian family movement in improving the quality of economic management (Pelangi), Aku Hatinya PKK, the PKK Family Kencana Family.

In the 10 main PKK programs related to child protection, it has been implemented in Gianyar Regency, including a road show to the posyandu group by providing food packages assistance in the form of Supplementary Feeding (PMT) to pregnant women and toddlers. At the same time fostering posyandu cadres to provide additional food and improve the economic welfare of the family. TP. PKK also has a child care program in the heart of the PKK, while providing socialization to housewives to take advantage of their yards so that food security can be maintained and the nutritional intake of family members can be fulfilled.

I Wayan Tagel Winarta said the Gianyar Regency DPRD fully supports the implementation of KLA, because children are the nation’s successors. By issuing Regional Regulation No. 6 of 2017 concerning child protection towards child-friendly districts. “We protect children in Gianyar Regency with a regional regulation, so that we deserve to make Gianyar a KLA and get a higher title,” he explained. (BTN/bud)

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