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Public Lecture at Stikes Bina Guna Usada Bali – Bali Travel News

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The Deputy Regent (Wabup) of Badung I Ketut Suiasa gave a public lecture at the Bina Guna Usada School of Health Sciences (Stikes) regarding the role of the Badung Regency Government in handling HIV/Aids. The event was held at the Stikes Hall, Jalan Padang Luwih Dalung Kuta Utara Badung, Thursday (17/6) and was also attended by the Rector of Stikes Guna Bina Usada Bali, Dr. Ir. I Putu Dantika, MM, Stikes lecturers and students.

Deputy Regent Suiasa explained that the Badung government’s policy in handling HIV/Aids in Badung is a strategic policy. The legal policy has been outlined on a legal basis in the form of a Perbup, Badung Regency views it as important, serious and consistent in handling HIV/AIDS. The Vice Regent realizes that the tourism sector increases the mobility of people who come to Badung and this has become a focus for the Badung Regency Government (Pemkab) in dealing with HIV/AIDS.

Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Badung is a top priority to build a healthy Badung. “We are embracing the social mobilizer community to join hand in hand for the prevention of HIV/Aids. The action programs that we carry out in Badung include face-to-face counseling to the community to provide information and communication related to HIV/AIDS. And our target by 2030 in Badung is to be free from HIV/Aids,” explained the Vice Regent.

Furthermore, the Deputy Regent revealed that he had signed an MoU with Tourism, other components and universities in Bali in handling HIV/Aids as well as collaborating with groups and schools in Badung. “We have also formed cadres to handle HIV/Aids, both school and university students, as well as village cadres who care about Aids in all villages in Badung Regency,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Chancellor of STIKES Bina Guna Usada Bali, Dr. Ir. I Putu Santika, MM expressed his gratitude to the Badung Regency Government for providing space for schools and Stikes students to contribute to health. Regarding the existence of Stikes Bina Usada Bali is a private higher education health institution established by Decree Number: 122/D/O/2007. At the beginning of the establishment of STIKES Bina Usada Bali had two study programs, namely S1 Nursing and DIII Midwifery which were officially established on August 1, 2007.

Along with the needs of the world of work in the health sector, STIKES Bina Usada Bali submitted an application to the government to open a Nursing Profession program. The Decree for Nursing Profession is issued by the Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia. STIKES Bina Usada Bali is very concerned in improving the quality of education and the quality of graduates for the advancement of the nation’s children in the fields of education and health.

To achieve this, STIKES Bina Usada Bali is guided by SN Dikti. STIKES Bina Usada Bali accepts students graduating from SMA/SMK Health or its equivalent. The Bachelor of Nursing study program applies the Competency-Based Curriculum (KBK) where there are two stages of the education program, namely the academic program stage and the professional program stage. The length of education is 10 (ten) semesters consisting of 8 (eight) semesters of academic programs and 2 (two) semesters of Professional programs. (BTN/bud)

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