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Participants of “Wimbakara Pidarta Basa Bali” Discuss the PKB XLIII Theme – Bali Travel News

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Who says young people are reluctant to speak good and correct Balinese? Just look at the Bali PidartaBasa Wimbakara (Contest) in the Bali Arts Festival (PKB) XLIII which was held at the Citta Kelangen ISI Building in Denpasar, Thursday (17/6), the young generation at the high school level seemed fluent in Balinese. They not only use Balinese sor singgih, but also the kawi language known as wayah. They speak frankly explaining the existence of a worrying forest, criticizing and providing solutions. So it’s not surprising that every participant who appeared was able to wow the limited audience due to the pandemic.

Wimbakara Pidarta Basa Bali this time, was attended by 10 participants representing regencies and cities in Bali, and general participants. This means that there are several districts that do not participate, so they are equipped with participants without representing their regions. Each participant presented material referring to the PKB theme, namely “Purna Soul: Prananing Wana Kerthi: Full Soul, Breath of the Tree of Life”. They received a topic from the committee, then processed it for a material, then presented it to the jury and the audience.

Dewa Juri, Dr I Nyoman Sukarta M.Hum admitted that the performance of the Balinese Basa Pidarta participants this time was much better than the previous year’s contestants. The participants used Balinese language which already used the Balinese mindset. In the past, almost all participants used the Indonesian language pattern which is Balinese. Many also use the kawi language, the wayah language. “There are many other things that the participants have achieved this time, which makes it more difficult for the jury to give an assessment,” he explained.

However, it is clear that the lecturer of the Kawi Language Department at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Unud, there are some participants who still use Indonesian which can actually be replaced with Balinese. He then gave an example of the earth’s lungs, which should be replaced with universes or gumi shells. Because the lungs are in usada called peparu. “In general, the participants of the Bali Pidarta Baha competition are now much better than before. From the apparent appearance, they are dressed in Balinese traditional clothes, the themes used are in accordance with the PKB theme and all of them refer to the criteria,” he said.

Mastery of the material, almost all of which are marked by mastery of the presentation. Although there are some who look tense and groggy. The language is very good and the message (message) conveyed is very clear. It’s just that, because here the theme is one type, then almost their mandate is the same. But the most important of all is mastering the material. There are participants who master the material, down to the expression, the soul is strong. Interestingly, there were some participants who immediately gave solutions. “That’s what it should be, participants also provide solutions, not just criticizing. Everything has been explicitly suggested, messages, especially moral messages,” concluded Sukarta happily. (BTN/bud)

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