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Yogyakarta City DPRD Studying Tourism in Badung – Bali Travel News

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The Deputy Regent (Wabup) of Badung I Ketut Suiasa received a delegation from the Yogyakarta City DPRD which was led directly by the Chairman of the DPRD, H Danang Rudyatmoko. The group of 28 people was received at Kriya Gosana, Badung Government Center, Wednesday (16/6). On that occasion the group sought information about tourism during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, Deputy Regent Suiasa, Head of the Communication and Information Service (Kominfo) IGN Jaya Saputra and Head of the Prokompim Section Made Suardita also received visits from Council members and employees in the Setwan environment as well as several print and electronic media journalists in the framework of a Public Relations Orientation at the Yogyakarta City DPRD Secretariat Office. through the public relations activities of the Yogyakarta City DPRD in 2021.

H Danang Rudyatmoko conveyed that his purpose and objective was to go to Badung Regency during the Covid 19 pandemic in the context of gathering, and exchanging ideas about handling strategies to deal with the Covid 19 pandemic. “How to restore tourism in Badung, as well as tourism recovery in Bali in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic,” asked Danang.

Responding to this question, the Deputy Regent of Badung, Ketut Suiasa, explained that the government is currently trying to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. In addition, public education to remain disciplined on health protocols (prokes) is routinely carried out, and it is equally important that the government continues to accelerate vaccination.

Vaccination must be done quickly and measurably. “Thankfully, in Badung Regency, with continuous vaccination, positive cases of COVID-19 can be suppressed. Until yesterday we were able to vaccinate as many as 331,327 people from our target in Badung of 387 thousand. This target exceeds the target given by the center of 278,000 people,” he explained.

By the end of June in the third week, it targets 90 percent of Badung people to have been vaccinated. “Currently 85 percent of our community has been vaccinated for the first dose. By the end of June, 90 percent of the vaccine will be available. The rest later we will do another sweeping, “said the former deputy chairman of the Badung DPRD.

Deputy Regent Suiasa explained that there were four target clusters for vaccination, firstly residents of Badung, then non-permanent residents, tourism workers, and expatriate tourists who still live in Badung. “So this is a vaccination cluster that distinguishes Badung Regency from other regions,” he explained.

From the vaccinations carried out, explained Suiasa, daily positive cases of Covid-19 can be suppressed. “It has been proven that the decline is very significant. In the past we used to have 115, now post-vaccination at most in a month and a half 22 people. For this reason, we believe that vaccination is effective enough to increase people’s immunity,” he said.

With the decline in cases and the incessant vaccinations carried out in Badung Regency, his party as the government hopes that the confidence of both domestic and foreign tourists will continue to grow and tourism will revive. “Currently there are 7,000 to 10,000 people who come to Bali by air, not to mention those by land,” he said.

Deputy Regent Suiasa said this number showed a fairly good increase compared to the beginning of the pandemic. His party also invited the leaders and members of the Yogyakarta City DPRD to come to Bali often. “Let the chairman come to Bali more often,” he asked. (BTN/bud)

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