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Famous Peacock Beach, The Hidden Beauty

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Southern Malang seems to be hidden from tourists. Even though there are rows of charming white sand beaches.

If you want to travel in Malang, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The cold highlands and mountainous landscapes are eye-catching for sure. Needless to say, I was thinking the same thing.

However, let’s take a moment to shift to the southern part of Malang, which is no less beautiful with its coastline. When choosing Malang as a short escape destination at the end of last month, two friends and I decided to explore the coast of South Malang.

There are more than 50 white sand beaches there, each with its own charm. Kondang Merak is our destination to enjoy the sound of the waves crashing the mind.

Kondang Merak Beach is located in Sumberbening Village, Bantur District, South Malang Regency. Getting to this beach takes about 3 hours from Malang City. We rode an automatic motorbike that morning heading south through Gadang at a speed of 60 km/hour.

Directions with green boards and google maps are very helpful for those of us who are blind. After finding the words Balekambang Beach, we kept going because Kondang Merak was in line with Balekambang. Along the way we were treated to beautiful scenery typical of the countryside.

The expanse of green rice fields and rows of sugarcane flowers made us forget the aches from sitting on the motorbike for too long. We encountered a damaged access road when we entered Sumberbening Village.

Our tiny two-wheeled vehicle managed to pass it even though we had to walk slowly. The track had made me panic but this is the most unforgettable thing in a trip.

Finally we were met with a fairly smooth and friendly road after about 15 minutes of turmoil. Relief and happiness are felt in the chest. In the midst of our joking laughter, it turns out that the battle is not over yet.

The path to the famous Merak Beach was no less destroyed. It’s like we’re doing off-roading. It didn’t feel like after 20 minutes of struggling again with damaged roads, we arrived at the entrance to the famous Merak Beach. The entry ticket for one person is priced at 10,000 rupiah and motorbike parking is Rp. 5,000 rupiah.

Fairly friendly price for the beach so far, I thought. Effort and struggle will not betray the results. All our tiredness paid off with this stretch of white sand beach adjacent to Balekambang Beach and Mbehi Beach.

It is said that in the past this area was filled with peacocks on the coast before poaching took place. In addition, this place has an estuary which is a meeting place between fresh water and sea water. That’s why this beach is called Kondang Merak.

Quite historic and meaningful. The calm waves and the many rocks add to the beauty of the South Malang panorama. This beach has a length of about 1 KM with a collection of green moss that adorns the shoreline. Seen some visitors are having fun playing water. The others were sitting relaxed while chatting on the mats they brought.

During this pandemic, quite a lot of people travel. Melt away fatigue and boredom by enjoying the southern sea breeze. 3M’s health protocols remain in effect. Don’t forget to wear a mask even if you’re posing for a photo with a friend.

Me and two other colleagues were very hungry and rushed to the nearest shop. We ordered some snacks such as squid satay, tuna fish, and white rice. Young coconut ice and sweet iced tea also complemented our menu that afternoon. The worms in the stomach have been satisfied, it’s time for us to unite with the nature of the ocean.

Approaching the shoreline while occasionally chasing the slow waves. The breeze caressed our faces. Don’t forget to take pictures with white sand and rocks decorated with green moss.

Tired of struggling with the rocky route, disappears with the peaceful waves. Raincoats became our base to lie down and replenish our stamina for the trip back to town.

After we finished enjoying the beauty of God’s creation at the famous Merak, we immediately headed back to Malang City around 2 pm. At the T-junction, we bought retail gasoline and the salesman suggested we take an alternative route to save more time.

Seen almost all vehicles choose this access. We followed closely behind, hoping not to find a path that was rocky and sandy. That hope was dashed. Sirna was crushed by a potholed road with many sharp stones in some parts.

Seen some motorcycles and cars difficulty to pass this challenging track. Some even struggle to climb, but the walkers help each other. However, it is this experience that makes our travel stories even more colorful.

Challenges are always there but we can definitely get through them with a happy ending. Like Kondang Merak Beach, which has completed my travel notes in South Malang.

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