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Aurel Hermansyah Picks Edelweiss to the Mystical Mount Kerinci

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Aurel Hermansyah was criticized for picking edelweiss flowers. Meanwhile, Mount Kerinci is seen as the most crowded by indigo climbers.

In his upload, Aurel is holding an edelweiss flower. Whereas edelweiss or Anaphalis javanica flowers are protected and forbidden to be picked.

“Good morning everyone.. yesterday at Bromo, my husband gave Edelweiss flowers.. he said this is the flower of immortality,” Aurel wrote on his Instagram account.

The post also drew criticism from netizens. Warganet said that Aurel should not have to withdraw the interest.

“Oh God, it’s a pity that the flowers are picked,” said the alu **** account.

“Aren’t the edelweiss flowers protected, right? How come Atta can take that much edelweiss, is it okay to pick protected flowers? Please enlighten me,” another account replied.

Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah said that Aurel did not know that the flower was protected. Regarding the criticism that hit Aurel, they are optimistic that the princess will be able to deal with it.

“Aurel is strong enough because from a young age he has been through it all and now he is with Atta, I’m sure they can strengthen each other. I’m sure they don’t mean anything but their ignorance,” said Ashanty.

“What the mother said is clear, the important thing is to be patient, whatever we are not perfect, if there is an error, apologize, that’s all,” Anang replied.

Referring to Law Number 5 of 1990 concerning Conservation of Biological Natural Resources and Their Ecosystems, article 33 paragraphs (1) and (2). It reads, “Everyone is prohibited from carrying out activities that can result in changes to the integrity of the core zone of the national park.”

Well, referring to Aurel’s vacation location, she and her husband Atta Halilintar are in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

In addition, edelweiss flowers cannot be picked as stated in the Regulation of the Minister of Environment and Forestry (LHK) of the Republic of Indonesia Number P.20/Menlhk/Setjen/Kum.1/6/2018 concerning Protected Types of Plants and Animals.

Anyone who deliberately picks edelweiss flowers, according to Law No. 5 of 1990 Article 40 paragraph 2, will be sentenced to a maximum of 10 (ten) years in prison and a maximum fine of Rp. 200 million rupiah.

Then further news came from Mount Kerinci. Mount Kerinci also has mystical stories experienced by climbers. There are several places that are considered scary in the climbing area.

“The hollow tree can’t take photos and stop there for a long time and don’t camp in shelter two if possible, but there are also many climbers who camp in shelter two when it’s crowded, but if in a small group try not to camp in shelter 2,” said the Kerinci Ascent guide. , Yuda Kharsana.

An indigo climber even admitted that Mount Kerinci was ‘the most crowded’ of supernatural beings compared to other mountains. For that climbers are expected to pay attention to what should not be done during the climb.

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