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Want to Take a Diving Course? Let’s know the type of certificate to the price

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Diving is one of the recreational sports that are of interest to all ages. So, if you want to take the course, read this first.

In Indonesia, there are several organizations that offer diving course services to get a certificate. One of them is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). It is the largest diving training organization in the world.

PADI was founded by two young people from the United States of America, Illinois, since 1996. At that time they felt that there was no professional scuba diving certification body, so they created their own organization. Now the certificates issued by PADI are recognized by many countries.

Sintia, one of PADI Indonesia’s open water scuba instructors at Bubbles Dive Center, Jakarta, said there are several requirements that must be met when taking courses at PADI.

First, the minimum age is 10 years. While the oldest age limit is not specified specifically.

“The important thing is being able and healthy,” said Sintia to CNNIndonesia.com, Tuesday (8/6).

The second condition, must have a swimming base. Sintia explained that swimming is the main capital for diving. Because if you don’t have that ability, the diver candidate will easily panic.

In addition, the ability to swim will also be tested in the stamina test. Candidates will be tested to swim as far as 200 meters. In addition to swimming, candidates will also be tested floating on the water for 10 minutes.

The next requirement is to fill out a health questionnaire. The questionnaire was also asked whether the candidate had a history of chronic disease or not. If there is, then PADI recommends seeking treatment and consulting a doctor, is it safe to do diving sports.

Sintia explained that if all these conditions were met, the candidate could register for a diving course. The price range for diving courses at PADI is IDR 6.8 million to IDR 7.8 million. The price is adjusted to the type of class and level of certification taken.

There are three sessions that will be given if you take a diving course. First, the theory session. Sintia said that in this session participants will be introduced to tools and techniques that can be needed when diving. The learning method will not be boring, because it is elaborated using videos.

“There is also a video. It introduces what to do,” explained Sintia.

The time required for this session, said Sintia, is usually two days.

Second, the pool practice session. After getting the theory, participants are invited to practice directly in the pool. Of course, in this session participants will be accompanied by a scuba supervisor and instructor. The time required for this session is the same as in theory, which is two days.

Third, the open sea session (open water). In this session course participants will be introduced to open water diving. Participants will find many challenges in this session.

“So what has been trained in the pool is carried out directly in the sea. In the sea, there are other factors such as currents, waves. It is studied there,” said Sintia.

He said that in this session, participants in his diving center were usually invited to Pulau Seribu. There, participants were asked to do four dives.

Certification level

Sintia said there are two kinds of diving, namely for recreational and technical. PADI courses are mostly recreational diving. Therefore, the level of certification is different.

First, the Open Water Diver level. This certification is given to divers who have basic divers or are at an intermediate level.

Second, the Advance Diver level. This certification is given to divers who have proven skills and abilities in diving. In addition, high experience is also an assessment.

Third, the Rescue Diver level. This certification is given to divers who have the ability to help. Thus, the skills possessed by divers to get this certification are more than the advanced diver level.

Fourth, the Dive Master level. At this level, certification is given to divers who have high skills and abilities. Usually, divers who get a certificate at this level are intended to move up to the next level, namely as an instructor.

Finally, the Instructor or instructor level. Divers who get a certificate at this level must be experts in the field of diving. Instructors can provide diving training and sign for certification.

Sintia said that every month many people register for courses until they get a certificate from PADI. The first reason is because PADI certification is internationally recognized.

“Many countries recognize it. Because there are some certifications that cannot be used in certain countries. But if PADI can be used in all countries,” he said.

Apart from being internationally recognized, Sintia said that many people like the way the training at PADi is because it is very detailed. Starting from the basics such as installing a regulator to how to clean the water that enters the mask, they are also taught.

Sintia said, it is not surprising that every month there are dozens of people who get certificates and come out to become reliable divers.

“20 to 30 are certified,” he concluded.

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