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This is PKK Bali’s Gait to Help Raise Awareness of Prokes – Bali Travel News

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Although the positive cases of Covid-19 in Bali have begun to show a sloping trend compared to other provinces in Indonesia in the last few weeks, the public is asked not to be careless. In fact, the community is invited to increase the discipline of implementing health protocols (Prokes) in the family environment and the surrounding community. This is one of the goals to help the government to convince the international community that Bali continues to clean up and is safe from Covid-19. So that the Covid-19 case is increasingly sloping, and Bali’s doors for international tourism are expected to be reopened as soon as possible.
This was conveyed by the Chairperson of the Bali Province PKK TP as well as the Main Manggala Paiketan Krama Wife of Bali Province, Ny. Putri Suastini Koster as a resource person at the Bali Rise for Women’s Organization Socialization event organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Health online on Monday (14/6) in Denpasar.
In her brief presentation, Mrs. Putri Koster said that currently the government continues to make various efforts so that Bali is free from Covid-19. These include making various policies and regulations related to the implementation of health protocols or CHSE (Cleanliness), Health, Safety, and Environment (environmentally friendly) certifications in the tourism environment, giving vaccinations and various other socialization methods. , in order to make this a success, community support is very important.
“I ask the public that we have been isolated for a year due to Covid-19, and now let’s raise awareness of the implementation of Prokes. Even though there are people who have been vaccinated, don’t be careless to ignore Prokes. We have to advance the process,” said Mrs. Putri Koster who is also a multitalented artist.
Furthermore, the wife of the Number One Person in Bali said that to rise from the pandemic, in addition to increasing awareness of the implementation of Prokes, one must also raise enthusiasm in overcoming the pandemic situation.
“We can’t continue to sink into a situation like this, especially in terms of the economy. There are various ways for us to rise. Previously we focused on one thing, namely tourism. Now is the time for us to be excited to focus on other things such as agriculture, the use of digital technology for marketing and others. For that, we must motivate ourselves more in increasing creativity,” he motivated.
Mrs. Putri Koster is optimistic that if the community continues to develop creativity, other sectors of economic development will emerge besides tourism.
“Since the pandemic hit, the Bali Provincial Dekranasda, in collaboration with the government, has also continued to raise SMEs in Bali by holding free exhibitions. With this, it is hoped that there will be an economic turnaround in the community,” he said.
For that, Mrs. Putri Koster hopes that the current vaccination program being promoted by the central government and local governments can be supported by the community. So that community vaccination in Bali can reach 100% as soon as possible.
“For that, let’s support together. I ask the PKK women in the villages to also help the government in conducting socialization regarding the importance of vaccination and the importance of implementing health protocols. With the incessant socialization that is carried out, we can show the world that Bali is ready to welcome foreign tourist arrivals again, of course with a new era, with new habits that are much better, “he concluded.
Meanwhile, Plt. Director General of Public Health Kartini Rusandi said that the online socialization involving women’s organizations in Bali was aimed at moving women to participate in socializing the importance of carrying out Covid-19 vaccinations and implementing health protocols.
According to him, the current state of Bali from the development of the number of cases that occur per day is quite sloping. It is hoped that this will continue to decline so that the government’s plan to open the Bali border at the end of July can be carried out properly, safely and smoothly.
For this reason, he hopes that there will be no spike in cases when the border is opened, so as early as possible it is hoped that the participation of the community in raising awareness in implementing health protocols and making vaccinations successful.
The event also presented several resource persons, namely Vaccinologist dr. Dirga Sakti and Head of the Behavior Change Division of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force dr.Sonny Harry Harmadi.(BTN/ery)

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