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The Freshest of Kulon Progo, Kembang Soka Waterfall

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Kulon Progo has a beautiful waterfall, the name is Kembang Soka Waterfall. It can be for a vacation on the weekend.

Weekend holidays are the perfect time to refresh your mind and body after a long day at work. Working with a solid and repetitive routine certainly feels very boring.

If it’s like this, we need to take a vacation and find a new atmosphere. Cool and refreshing natural tourist destinations can certainly be one answer. We can get fresh air away from city pollution, shady and shady trees, as well as waterfalls and bathing pools with source water from the mountains.

That destination is Kembang Soka in Kulon Progo. Kulon Progo is one of the areas in Yogyakarta that has the best waterfall and bathing destinations. Kembang Soka is one of them.

This tourist destination is not only known for its stunning panoramas, but also for its soothing and natural beauty that is still awake. Located in the valley of the hills of Manoreh, Kembang Soka has a typical hillside atmosphere that is very cool and serene.

Waterfalls and Baths with Mountain Fresh Water

To get to the location of the waterfall and baths, visitors have to walk about 150 meters from the entrance. Passing the descending road with concrete terrain, visitors will find dense trees that are very soothing along the descent.

From here, visitors will arrive at the first bathing pool which is not too wide. This first pool water comes from a shower which is commonly referred to by the manager as a Jaran shower. This first pool only has a depth of about 2 meters.

Down again into the valley, visitors will pass a wooden bridge until they arrive at the location of the waterfall and the second bathing pool. This pool has a larger size than the first pool. Coming from a natural mountain source, the water in the mini kola is very cold and has a bluish tint.

This water comes from the flow of the Kembang Soka waterfall which is right above it. The flow of the Kembang Soka waterfall comes from the Mudal river which is also directly above it. For its depth, the second pool is deeper than the first pool, which is 2.5 meters.

In this second bathing pool, there is a bamboo bridge that serves as a jumping area. For visitors who want to trigger adrenaline, can try to jump in style in the area and immediately swim. In addition, Kembang Soka also provides buoy rental for visitors who cannot swim so they can still play in the water without worrying about drowning.

Cool and Comfortable

Located in the Manoreh Hills area, the atmosphere of Kembang Soka is very cool and comfortable. The cool air and the sound of the waterfall that can be heard make the mind relaxed and relaxed. The shade of the surrounding trees blocks the sun’s rays and makes the bathing area more serene.

This natural atmosphere is certainly very peaceful for anyone who visits. Enjoyed while sipping hot coffee and joking with family or friends will be even more fun.

In addition, Kembang Soka also has very complete facilities ranging from toilets, prayer rooms, food stalls, and also a gazebo. With these complete facilities, it’s no wonder that Kembang Soka is a vacation destination with family or friends.

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