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Recommended Villas in Jogja for a Enjoyable Vacation

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When on vacation, of course you want to use a comfortable and clean resting place. One of the recommended options is a villa, especially if you are on vacation in Jogja. There are many villas in Jogja that are quite affordable, but have attractive views, facilities and services.

Best recommended villa in Jogja

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The following are several choices of villas that you can consider renting while on vacation in Jogja, including:

Ubu Villa Gito Gati

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If you are on vacation with a large group, staying at Ubu Villa Gito Gati could be the right choice. You will be provided with a room with a capacity of four beds, which you can share with 8 other people.

The facilities provided at this villa are quite complete, you can get a room with air conditioning and a private pool. This villa in Jogja also provides a beautiful garden view from the balcony. The location is easy to reach, namely in Pandowoharho, Sleman.

Mykonos Villa

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Mykonos Villa offers beautiful accommodation with complete facilities and beautiful views. Located in Sewon, Bantul, you can reach it easily because of its location which can be reached by private vehicles.

For the rooms, you can get a villa with 3 large bedrooms. You can bring around 10 to 15 people to stay at this Jogja villa. Of course this can be a fun vacation because you can invite a lot of friends.

D Bamboo House

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Still in the Sewon area, Bantul, you can find villas with fairly complete facilities, namely a swimming pool, a large parking area, to access to a fairly fast wifi network. You can also get a shuttle service to the airport if you need it.

At D Bamboo House, you will get a villa with 3 bedrooms, which you can use to invite around 12 people to stay there. The location is also strategic, so you will have no trouble accessing villas in Jogja.

Villa Lawang Ijo

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With beautiful views in Kasihan District, Bantul, you can still access many tourist attractions by staying at Villa Lawang Ijo. This villa also has a private swimming pool that can be used by staying guests, the price offered is also quite affordable compared to other villas.

Villa Lawang Ijo is a villa in Yogyakarta which has received many positive reviews from guests who have stayed there. So you don’t have to worry about the services and facilities provided. This villa is also guaranteed to be clean because it is well cared for.

Another advantage of this villa is that it provides 3 bedrooms that can be used by 6 people to stay. That way, you can more easily invite a small group to vacation in Jogja.

Ubu Villa Donolayan

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Next is Ubu Villa Donolayan which is located in Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogykarta. The access is quite easy because it is close to the highway and not too far from tourist attractions in Jogja.

This villa has quite complete facilities, ranging from facilities for doing barbecues, providing car rental, as well as a fairly close distance from the airport, so you can immediately rest after a long trip.

This villa in Jogja provides 4 bedrooms that can accommodate about 8 people to stay there. When staying, you can also take advantage of free wifi and a large private parking space.

Villa Pakem Yogyakarta

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For those of you who like villas with a thick Javanese feel, you can stay at Villa Pakem Yogyakarta. The villa has advantages in the form of beautiful room decorations, aesthetic wooden furniture, and photogenic Javanese buildings.

Inside the villa, you can also enjoy the swimming pool, jazucci, and get access to the fireplace if you feel that Yogyakarta is too cold. The size of this villa is quite spacious, so it is suitable as a family stay.

This villa in Jogja is located in the Kaliurang area, which offers a cool and cool view of the mountains. If you want to get married, there are also wedding venues with beautiful views.

Villa Arusha Jogja

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Many people want to vacation in Jogja because they want to be closer to nature. If that is your goal on vacation to Jogja, then you can stay at Villa Arusha Jogja which is close to nature, in the form of a green and quiet rice field area.

When you go up to the second floor, you can relax while enjoying the view of Mount Merapi which you can see more clearly. You can enjoy a vacation to this villa in Jogja with a small family of 6 people, with a total of 3 bedrooms that can be used.

Miss you

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As the name implies, this villa offers warmth like at home that you can get at a vacation spot. There are various rooms and decorations made simple, so that it will remind you of the old house belonging to your grandparents.

In this villa there are three bedrooms with large beds, perfect if you come with friends or family. Located in Mlati, Sleman, you can easily access it using various vehicles.

Those are some villa recommendations in Jogja that you can consider if you want to vacation there. You can book flight tickets or lodging using Airpaz.com, so there is no need to queue to book the accommodation you want.


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