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Recommended Hotels in Medan that Provide the Best Service

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Medan has interesting tourist destinations and it’s a shame for you to miss. To enjoy the various tours that exist, you certainly need a place to stay such as a hotel or lodge. You can stay at recommended hotels in Medan to get maximum service.

Best Choice of Hotels in Medan

Four Points by Sheraton Medan

If you are visiting Medan and need a luxurious and comfortable place to stay, then you can stay at this Four Points by Sheraton Medan. Various rooms are available according to the needs of visitors, from Deluxe, Business, to Grand Suite.

For one room, you can prepare a budget of between 500 thousand rupiah to 1.8 million rupiah for one day, according to the type of room you choose. Don’t worry, this Medan hotel also takes precautions during the pandemic so that every visitor remains safe.

Swiss Belinn Gajah Mada Medan

Swiss Belinn Hotel provides 3 types of rooms that can be rented by guests who come. The three types are Deluxe Twin, Deluxe King and the last one is Suite, of course each room has a different price, because the facilities provided are also different.

For a one-night stay, you can start preparing a budget of between 385 thousand for the cheapest room. As for the most expensive room, a day’s stay costs around 1.3 million rupiah, the price is certainly comparable to the services provided by this famous hotel in Medan.

Adimulia Hotel

If you want to stay at a hotel that has complete services and facilities, you can stay at Adimulia Hotel. This 5-star hotel in Medan offers many choices of rooms that can be adjusted to the customer’s budget. Among the rooms available are Family Room, Junior Suite, and Family Suite.

The price offered is certainly not kidding, for one night you have to pay 2 million rupiah to stay in the most expensive room. As for those of you who have a limited budget, the cheapest room is priced at 900 thousand for one night.

Cambridge Hotel Medan

The concept of staycation has recently become popular in the pandemic era, this is why you can still do it in Medan by staying at the Cambridge Hotel Medan. The hotel offers complete facilities, from steam rooms to hot pools, massage rooms, yoga, as well as spa and sauna.

By staying at this hotel, you can get various services that suit your needs. This hotel in Medan offers a variety of room options, from Junior Suite to Deluxe, with rental costs ranging from 650 thousand to 2.5 million rupiah for one night.

Aryaduta Medan

You can still find cheap hotels in Medan, especially if from the start you have budgeted how much budget you have to spend to stay at the hotel. You are recommended to stay at Aryaduta Medan, which for one night only needs to pay 400 thousand for the cheapest room.

Of course you don’t need to worry about the available facilities, Aryaduta Medan is a hotel with complete facilities. Among them are swimming pools, steam rooms, massage rooms and a wide selection of fitness facilities. You can also choose the type of room, from Deluxe to Grand Deluxe which can be adjusted according to the thickness of your pocket.

Grand City Hall Hotel and Serviced Residence

You can get hotels in Medan which are close to various government facilities by staying at the Grand City Hall Hotel. This hotel is close to Merdeka Mean Square, the city hall, and the Medan mayor’s office. If you are having business with government officials, then you can stay at this one hotel.

The address of this hotel is quite strategic, you can also reach it with various types of vehicles, from private vehicles to public transportation. For one room, you just have to prepare a budget of between 500 thousand to 800 thousand for the room you have chosen.

Hotel Sankan Premier Dyandra

If you go to Medan by plane, you should choose a hotel in Medan that provides a shuttle service to the airport to facilitate the mobilization process. Hotel Santika Premier Dyandra is one of the hotels that provides these services and has quite a variety of room types.

There are 8 types of rooms that you can use, including the superior twin room, premiere suite king room and others. For one night rental, you only need to prepare a budget of around 500 thousand to 5 million rupiah depending on the type of room provided.

Radisson Medan

For those of you who want to stay at a hotel with affordable rental and stay costs, Radisson Hotel can be the right choice. This hotel has a fairly affordable cost for a one-night rental, which is between 400 thousand rupiah to 800 thousand rupiah.

The facilities and types of rooms provided are quite complete, ranging from shopping facilities to hospitals, which can be easily accessed by staying guests. Located on a strategic road, you can reach this hotel by private vehicle or public transportation.

Hopefully the hotel recommendations in Medan can help you, especially those who want to vacation in Medan and are looking for a comfortable place to stay. To be more practical, you can buy plane tickets or book hotels on Airpaz.com. That way, upon arrival at the hotel you can immediately check-in and rest without the hassle of taking care of the room.


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