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Recommendations for Instagramable Cafés in Malang that Are Today

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Malang turns out to have a cool hangout place for young people. If you visit Malang, don’t forget to stop by the instagramable café in Malang which is famous for offering beautiful views for your Instagram feed. So that you don’t choose the wrong one, here are cafe recommendations that you can visit.

The Best Choice of Instagramable Café in Malang

Labore Coffee Eatery

source: www.malangculinary.com

The next Instagramble café recommendation in Malang is Labore Coffee Eatery which has an attractive interior design. When you enter there, you will be greeted by the dominance of black and white, which makes it look minimalist but still elegant. To enter the cafe, you will walk through a hallway full of plants and decorative lights.

This cafe not only offers as a fun place to hang out with friends, but also a place that provides a variety of delicious food. You can enjoy Japanese curry rice, salted egg yyolk chicken and various excellent foods from this Malang cafe.

Madam Wang Secret Garden

source: www.malangculinary.com

Madam Wang is a hangout place in Malang that provides an outdoor but indoor concept. You will eat in a cafe that is designed like a garden, so you can feel the cool and fresh air and the beautiful view of the plants arranged in such a way.

A good cafe, of course, does not only rely on beautiful places, but also good food. At Madam Wang’s Secret Garden, you can enjoy a variety of local or global foods at quite affordable prices. The combination of delicious food and a beautiful place makes this instagramable café in Malang, a shame for you to miss.


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Javanine Restaurant

source: www.malangculinary.com

A place to hang out is not only a comfortable cafe, it can also be a restaurant with beautiful interior details. For those of you who want to eat Javanese food, you can stop by at Javanine Resto. Although it offers traditional food, the concept of this cafe is quite luxurious with a matching table and chair arrangement.

There are several mainstay menus typical of the following instagramable cafes, namely Javanese fried rice and kikil. If you want to eat food from abroad, don’t worry, because they also provide it. Everything is cooked by a great chef, so the dishes served are delicious and mouth-watering.

Akalpa Café

source: foodyfloody.com

Akalpa cafe is an instagramable café in Malang which is crowded because it is visited by many visitors. Visitors who come are mostly young people, students, and those who want to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere in Akalpa. Because in Akalpa, you will find a beautiful cafe exterior interior design.

If you like culinary tours as well as hunting for instagramable photos, don’t forget to stop by Akalpa Café. You will be greeted with a beautiful contemporary view, which will make you not hesitate to post it on social media. The location of this cafe is also easy to reach, so it will not be difficult for visitors.

Alice Tea Room

source: Ratna Widi Astuti/Travelingyuk

Tea lovers, don’t forget to stop by the Alice Tea Room, which is famous as an aesthetic café in Malang. This cafe is open daily from 8am to 10pm and offers a wide variety of teas that are delicious and a shame to miss out. Moreover, the side dishes, such as muffins are also tempting to taste.

The vintage concept of this cafe makes it look aesthetic, so it’s suitable if you show it off on social media. However, when visiting this cafe, you are only allowed to take pictures using a smartphone, not with a DLSR camera because it violates the rules of this instagramable cafe in Malang.

Roemah Coffee Loe Mien Toe

source: instagram.com/loemientoe

For those of you who want to enter a cafe with an interesting style, you must visit Roemah Coffee Loe Mien Toe. Its strategic location and attractive interior make it a suitable place to hang out and do pre-wedding photos.

This coffee shop in Malang provides a variety of interesting menus that make it a suitable place to hang out, not only with friends but also with family. In this cafe you are still allowed to eat and drink while taking pictures, or ask the owner’s permission to take photos for special needs.

Oz Coffee Studio

source: magazine.ottencoffee.co.id

Finally, you can visit Oz Coffee Studio which carries the concept of eating in the studio. If you enter this cafe, you will be treated to an interesting view, where you can see for yourself the process of making the coffee you consume.

This concept is also more interesting because you are allowed to mix your own coffee to make latte art. Do not doubt the quality of the coffee they provide, because they use imported and local coffee beans of the famous type.

Those are various instagramable cafes in Malang that you can try to visit in the near future. To arrive in Malang, you can book flight tickets on Airpaz.com, as well as check in and book hotels to make it easier when traveling.


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