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Opening Bali for Foreign Tourists, Password: Simulation Continues to be Held

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The government is still preparing to open Bali for foreign tourists. Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno said that he was continuing to monitor because there were simulations there.

The opening of Bali does require a high level of caution. If the Corona virus has not shown improvement, the delay will continue.

“The point is that we continue to monitor. If it is not possible to open it later, we will postpone it until the situation is quite conducive,” said Sandi at a press conference, Monday (14/6/2021).

“We will also continue to practice because we cannot immediately open Bali in June-July. We must continue to have simulations and airport readiness must continue to be improved. There must be a trial, there must be a pilot project and there must be several stages,” he explained. .

“While accompanied by programs to prepare for the opening of Bali, which we have continued to optimize together. Millions of people depend on the Bali tourism sector,” he added.

Regarding the opening of Bali tourism for foreign tourists, Kemenparekraf and related parties are still preparing all the fulfillment of the preconditions. Where this readiness is around 85 to 90 percent.

“And of course this will continue to fluctuate, depending on our seriousness in presenting preconditions,” he explained.

“These preconditions are a barometer in the opening of Bali tourism, such as controlling COVID-19 cases, accelerating vaccinations to create herd immunity, compliance with health protocols, preparing travel corridor arrangements, and end-to-end CHSE certification,” he explained.

On this occasion, Sandi also addressed the increase in Covid-19 cases in several areas. He also continues to monitor the Covid-19 situation in Bali, which to this day is claimed to have been controlled.

“Bali Province is one of the best provinces in the progress of COVID-19 vaccination in terms of the speed of vaccination. So far, Bali is also the area with the highest number of hotels and restaurants that have been certified. Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE),” he said.

Currently, the government’s focus is on reactivation of Bali tourism, namely first to accelerate the vaccination program in Bali. Targeting 3 million Balinese (70% of the total 4.3 million people) can get vaccinated.

“Second, increasing compliance with health protocols. To help these efforts include the “Clean, Beautiful, Healthy and Safe” (BISA) Movement which will continue to be rolled out in tourist destinations. Including increasing the number of CHSE certifications in Bali, he said.

“Third, for the medium to long term, preparation of the reactivation of Bali and the diversification of the Balinese economy. It is hoped that it can accelerate the recovery of Bali’s tourism,” he added.

The government also has a medium to long term plan, including: improvement of land, sea and air transportation infrastructure. As well as preparing various tourism facilities such as MICE activities and others.

“We will continue to monitor this, and what is no less important is that the Covid-19 case globally is also conducive. So, our plan to open Bali tourism for foreign tourists in the third quarter of 2021 can be realized,” he explained.

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