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Covid Cases Outside the Region Soar, Bali Must Be Strictly Protected – Bali Travel News

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The surge in positive cases of Covid-19 outside the region, such as on the island of Java, poses a threat to Bali, as a destination that is actively pursuing the government’s Work From Bali (WFB) program. In addition, the plan to open a tourism border in July 2021 will also have an impact if Bali cannot fortify itself from the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, tourism actors hope that the security at the entrances to Bali is tightened. “Currently, the development of Covid-19 cases outside Bali, especially in the Java area is quite high, so Bali must anticipate it well,” said Chairman of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) DPC Karangasem, I Wayan Kariasa, Monday (14/6) .

Kariasa emphasized that this should not interfere with the planned opening of the Bali tourism border which is planned for July 2021. This includes damaging the government’s program to stimulate Bali tourism through the WFB program. Therefore, all people, especially officers at the entrances to Bali, both through the ports of Gilimanuk, Padangbai and other rat routes, need to anticipate with the standards provided by the government. “We need to pay attention to this, so that people who enter Bali are properly screened, checked against the requirements that have been imposed by the government. For example, checking for negative swab results, rapid antigen tests and others in accordance with the Bali provincial government decree.

The chairman of the Regional Tourism Promotion Agency (BPPD) Karangasem emphasized that the entrance to Bali plays an important role because it is the front gate to protect Bali. Don’t let there be certain elements who will only aggravate and worsen the situation in Bali, which has already improved. The Balinese economy has fallen very badly, so the government is really monitoring the situation of the tourist arrivals. All Balinese doors are to be safe and sterile. “The most important in sea ports. Later, there was news of some irresponsible people, so that there needs to be guarded. Remember, the port as a center for people to come to Bali is a gate to maintain Bali’s economy,” he explained.

Tourism business managers in Karangasem are ready to welcome WFB and the opening of the tourism border. Hotels, restaurants, DTW and other tourism entrepreneurs continue to strive to organize and optimize all preparations through CHSE which is continuously being worked on by PHRI and the Tourism Office. Regarding vaccination, in Karangasem it has been done massively. Karangasem in the past week, there is no red zone based on village reports. Today, of the 78 villages, 14 are in the yellow zone and the others are in the green zone. “This movement continues in a positive direction, so that it becomes a guarantee for the world and Bali to open tourism through the WFB agenda. The condition is that we must remain disciplined in carrying out health promotion for ourselves in receiving guests,” said the Director of Ashyana Candidasa Beach Resort.

The same thing was also said by the Deputy Chair of the PHRI Promotion for Buleleng promotion, Dwi Dharmawijaya, hoping that Bali could anticipate a spike in Covid-19 outside the region so it would not happen again in Bali. This can be done by tightening the entrance and implemented consistently. The conditions set by the government, such as conducting a strict rapid antigen test for everyone who will enter Bali. “In this case, the officers on duty must strictly apply the standards given by the government. So, if there are officers who violate the law, they must be punished,” he hoped.

Everyone who will enter Bali either through the airport or sea port, must bring a negative PCR test result. If it is found that people do not apply the health protocol, they must be subject to sanctions so that it becomes a deterrent effect and does not cause further violations. “After arriving in Bali, they must be tested again and carry out strict tracing. Don’t be because of this, the WFB and open border programs will be postponed again. Bali is already in a very bad state with this pandemic, don’t commit any more violations,” said the Treasurer of the IHGMA DPC Buleleng.

In Buleleng itself, most hotels and restaurants are CHSE certified. Almost all employees have also been vaccinated. “We also urge PHRI members to continue to apply health protocols, including the community. We need the cooperation of all parties to continue to apply strict and consistent health protocols, so that the border opening plan remains as planned and Bali’s economy recovers,” hoped the General Manager of The Lovina Bali Resort Hotel. (BTN/bud)

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