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Badung Ready to Receive Tourists. This is the Indicator – Bali Travel News

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Badung Regent I Nyoman Giri Prasta took part in the Virtual Meeting of the Bali Caring Social Movement at the Badung Regent’s Office Work Room, Tuesday (15/6). Limited discussions through virtual meetings related to the Bali Cares Social Movement led by Presidential Chief of Staff General (Ret.) Moeldoko discussed the readiness of the Province of Bali in opening tourism for domestic and foreign tourists.

The development of the number of Covid-19 cases in the province of Bali since the last two months shows a good start for the decline which is in the sloping category. With the number of recovered Covid-19 patients being higher than those infected, the Indonesian President Joko Widodo received appreciation from the President of the Republic of Indonesia, and according to the direction of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, the plan to open foreign tourism in Bali in July depends on the level of cases and conditions in Bali.

Also present at the virtual meeting, Bali Governor Wayan Koster, Bali Police Chief Inspector General Putu Jayan, all Regents/Mayors throughout Bali and other invitees.

Regent Giri Prasta said the Regional Government, tourism actors and the community were always ready to implement health protocols. Most Balinese people are aware of the dangers of the Corona virus. In addition, public awareness in implementing strict and disciplined health protocols has shown a decrease in the number of Covid-19 cases. “We admit that all of this is indeed difficult, but we have prepared tourism standards that must be met before the implementation of this new normal,” he said.

The Badung Regency Government (Pemkab) has formed a verification team for the readiness to open a tourist attraction. “The team has gone to several tourist attractions, such as ITDC, Waterblow Beach, Pandawa Beach, Uluwatu, Kuta, and Beachwalk. So basically when it is opened we are ready to accept tourists, as well as hotels must be really ready,” explained the Regent.

In building the tourism sector in the midst of and after the Covid-19 pandemic, a harmonious collaboration is needed between the community, creative industry players, the tourism industry and the government. Those who will win in this battle with Covid-19 are those who prioritize collaboration, not competition. “When the tourist destinations are opened later, this will be a gamble on the image of Bali’s tourism in the future,” he added.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno revealed that 90 percent of preparations for opening tourist areas for foreign tourists are now. President Joko Widodo targets the opening of the Travel Corridor Arrangement or TCA to be realized in July 2021. However, before tourism is actually opened, Sandiaga continues to ensure the readiness of Human Resources (HR) and local tourism managers. “This progress will continue to increase, depending on our seriousness in presenting the preconditions. The preconditions that serve as a barometer for the preparation for the opening of Bali tourism include controlling Covid-19 cases, vaccination programs, preparing travel corridor arrangements, increasing compliance and health protocols,” he explained.

Preparation for the opening of Bali tourism is the beginning of the final stage of preparation which will then be followed by a review of the three (3) zones currently called “SUN” namely Sanur, Ubud and Nusa Dua. The Nusa Dua area becomes more of a priority because it is the entrance for tourist arrivals. “According to Google search data, Bali is the most searched in the tourism category, here we can see how many people have missed visiting Bali. Based on the demand for chartered flights, there have been many from other countries such as Singapore, South Korea, UAE, etc., “he said.

His party has also conducted a massage campaign for domestic ‘#AkuRinduBali’ and for foreign tourists ‘#SeeYouinBali’. Clear information, fixed procedures and easy access will make it easier for foreign tourists to find information and make decisions to travel to Bali, so an e-book containing traveling guidelines is issued in the new normal period.

The contents of the e-book guideline are Visa provisions, PCR Swab, quarantine, detailed procedures when departing and on the return flight which are adapted to various conditions that may arise. For marketing communications to the international world through infographics on social media which can also be distributed through various overseas networks online and promotions for foreign creatives on @indtravel, while for domestic ones through @pesonaid_travel

Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi explained that the opening of Bali had been engaged since last year. At this point, the government must be able to crystallize the policy because without crystallizing the position there will be more meetings continuously and not finished. “Our policy is based on the results of the many meetings, we have got an idea of ​​when it will be opened, which corridors are and what the rules are. Like Thailand plans to open Phuket, their communication to the public and the world has been done for quite a long time with all the rules,” he explained.

Our corridors are concrete and the parameters are we have carried out the vaccines set by the WHO and we have to open them to countries with low Covid-19 numbers. “Therefore, we will follow up and talk to which countries are ready to open for a trip to Bali, we must realize that Bali is very good for opening tourism,” he concluded. (BTN/bud)

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