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8 Recommended Romantic Date Places in Jakarta

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Want to please your partner with a romantic date but don’t know where to go? No need to worry, there are many date spots in Jakarta that will give you a romantic feel. Not only the place that gives a romantic impression, in this place you can also do exciting and romantic activities with your partner.

Romantic Places in Jakarta for a Couple’s Date

Jakarta has always been one of the centers for the development of the latest lifestyle and trends. Including places that are hits and are being talked about a lot, there are many romantic places in Jakarta that you can use as a reference for dating. Anything? Here are some of them.

1. Jakarta Aquarium and Safari

Want to enjoy the thrill of dating in an underwater kingdom a la Disney movies? you can take your partner to the Jakarta Aquarium and Safari which is located in the Neo Soho Mall area on Jl. Lt. Gen. S. Parman’s. This is a giant aquarium located inside a shopping center.

You can see the amazing underwater life up close. This aquarium is open every day from 10.00-20.00. You can feel the romantic yet amazing nuance from this date place in Jakarta. this place also remains open during the pandemic because it has followed the applicable health rules and protocols.

2. Furusato Izakaya

source : furusatoizakaya.com/

Furusaro Izakaya is a recommended place for dating if you want to feel the atmosphere of Japan’s cherry blossoms. This authentic Japanese restaurant provides a typical Japanese dining atmosphere with a lesehan concept. Plus, there is a private room available for those of you who don’t want to disturb your romantic moment.

Not only the concept and design are authentic. The menu provided is also made with a taste that is maintained. The restaurant is located in the Jl. Jend Sudirman, Bend. Downstream is open every day from 11.30-15.30 for lunch and from 17.00 for dinner. Because it has a private concept and only serves prior orders, this restaurant is still open during this pandemic, with certain restrictions according to the rules.

3. Ashta District 8

Finding a date place in Jakarta is actually not that difficult. One of them you can even find in the city center, namely in the Jl. General Sudirman. Ashta District 8 is a mall in the middle of the city that offers exclusivity and convenience for its visitors.

You can choose one of a series of cafes in this mall area for a date. Open every day from 9 am to 9 pm, you can invite your partner to spend time together on a date here. This place remains open during the pandemic despite being restricted.

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4. MoJa Museum

source : casaindonesia.com

The Museum of Jakarta or MoJa can be a reference for an exciting and romantic dating place in Jakarta. Especially if you and your partner have a hobby of photography. This place can be a location to capture romantic moments of you and your partner in a photo. Located in Main Stadium Zone 8 Gelora Bung Karno, Central Jakarta, this museum is open every day from 11.00-19.30.

There are 14 photo rooms with different concepts that you can use as a background to capture the moment with your partner. Plus, in every room, snacks are provided without paying again that you can enjoy. Guaranteed to provide experience date different and fun.

5. White Sand Beach

source: travel.detik.com

Having a fun and exciting date with a white sand beach background, you don’t have to go all the way to Bali. In the Pantai Indah Kapuk 2 area, North Jakarta, you can also find white sand beaches. This can be a romantic date place in Jakarta for you and your partner.

Open from 15.00-19.00, you can enjoy the sunset with your partner here. the view of the high seas plus the gentle breeze further adds to the romantic impression here.

6. Le Bridge Ancol

Are you looking for ideas for a romantic place in Jakarta to go on a date with your partner? you can try dinner at Le Bridge Ancol. This place is a favorite place for couples to get a romantic dinner moment with their partner.

Here you can take a walk on the pier of love, welcome the sunset while having a romantic dinner, or just take a walk enjoying the view of the sea and the fresh sea breeze. Located on Nusadua Beach, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Le Bridge is the best choice of date spots in Jakarta.

7. F. Widayanto Ceramic House

source: backpackerjakarta.com

F. Widayanto Ceramic House is a date place in Jakarta that not only gives a romantic feel but is also fun and makes you more productive. This place is actually a gallery of ceramics maestro F. Widayanto.

Not only can you enjoy a variety of his work, you and your partner can also take ceramics making classes. So it feels like a scene in one of the movies right?

8. Nanny’s Pavilion

Another good place for dating in Jakarta that you can visit with your partner is Nanny’s Pavilion. This restaurant is made with a classic concept with decorations like being in a flower garden. This classic impression gives a romantic feel.

The location is in the area of ​​Jl. Letjen S Parman, Slipi West Jakarta, this restaurant can be a reference for a romantic place for dinner or a place to celebrate special moments with your partner. Even during the pandemic, you can still come here because this restaurant has implemented restaurant operational rules that apply during the pandemic, with various restrictions and the application of health protocols.

Well, those were 8 recommended date places in Jakarta that will provide a romantic and exciting dating experience for you and your partner. You who are from outside Jakarta and happen to be here, you also prepare additional accommodation by staying at the Airpaz hotel. Book now on Airpaz.com.

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