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When the Former Limestone Mine in Gresik was Transformed into Enchanting Nature Tourism

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Gresik Regency has a new natural tourism that offers beautiful panoramas. Formerly a limestone quarry, this is the enchanting Selo Tirto Giri (Setigi) tour!

A traveler feels obliged to visit Selo Tirto Giri (Setigi) in Sekapuk Village, Ujung Pangkah District, Gresik. The nature tourism, which is located in the former limestone quarry, is polished to become exotic and becomes the main attraction for photography lovers.

Nature tourism, which has been managed by the BUMDes of Sekapuk Village since the last three years, has now become a reference for residents in Gresik and its surroundings, even from all over East Java.

Selo Giri Tirto (Setigi) nature tourism itself is open from 08.00 WIB to 21.00 WIB, the entrance ticket is only Rp. 15 thousand. To get to the tourist location, from Gresik City is about 36 kilometers.

There, tourists can enjoy the limestone cliffs left over from mine excavations. We will also see various sculptures made by the manager, starting from the statue of Gupala, Dwarapala, Candi Topeng Nusantara and a museum equipped with biorama of mining workers, as well as traditional houses.

Setigi Nature Tourism Photo: Deny Prastyo Utomo/Bali Tourism

In addition, there are artificial lakes and bridges that were built magnificently there, equipped with water rides. For visitors who do not bring lunch, several culinary stalls are also there. For your own facilities, don’t worry, the manager also provides prayer rooms, toilets and other public facilities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the tour also implemented health protocols, starting with a thermal gun, hand sanitizer, and hand washing facilities.

One of the visitors from Berau Regency, Ninta (40) who came with the family, learned about the location of Setigi’s natural attractions from social media and also from friends.

“When you come, the first impression can be as beautiful as this, and it turns out that there is a good tourist attraction, why go far if there is one here,” said Ninta to Bali Tourism, Sunday (13/6/2021).

With only 15 thousand entrance tickets, Ninta was satisfied. According to him, it is comparable to the exotic and beautiful panorama.

“Anyway, everything is in accordance, with us here what we get is appropriate, exceeding expectations and wow, that’s good,” said Ninta.

Setigi Nature TourismSetigi Nature Tourism Photo: Deny Prastyo Utomo/Bali Tourism

Ninta, who came since 16.00 WIB, also took the time to enjoy the evening at Setigi tourism. Many lights adorn the cliffs and also caves made by former mines.

“What needs to be improved, maybe more lights, yes, because the children when playing in the water are a bit afraid, but overall it’s nice and clean, I applaud, the bathroom is clean, even though it’s a tourist attraction with many visitors, because cleanliness is the main thing me,” said Ninta.

Independent Task Force officers at the location are also running. According to Ninta, she always reminds the visitors.

Meanwhile, the Head of Sekapuk Gresik Village, Abdul Halim (39), the owner of the Selo Tirto Giri (Setigi) tourism idea, admitted that since it opened in 2018, visitors have continued to increase, even though during the pandemic there was a decline in visitors.

“Per day 5000 visitors had holidays before the pandemic, after the pandemic it decreased to 1000 visitors,” said Abdul Halim.

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