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Pedalpedia 2021, Safe Gowes Shows off Kebumen Beauty

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The Pedalpedia 2021 national-scale cycling activity was finally officially held this morning in Kebumen, Central Java. In addition to introducing tourist destinations in Kebumen, the event was held at the same time to campaign for health protocols to prevent COVID-19.

The start was opened directly by the Head of the Youth Sports and Tourism Office (Disporapar) of Central Java Province, Sinoeng N Rachmadi in front of the Kebumen Regency Hall, Saturday (12/6/2021) morning. Participants immediately slid across the streets of Kebumen.

In total there are 100 cyclists from various regions in Indonesia who are ready to take a route along the 128 km exploring various terrains while enjoying the natural beauty of Kebumen. The Regent of Kebumen H Arif Sugiyanto and Forkompinda were also seen in the line guarding the participants.

Pedalpedia 2021, Safe Gowes Shows off Kebumen Beauty Photo: (Rinto Heksantoro/Bali Tourism)

The activity, which was initiated by the Central Java Disporapar in collaboration with the Central Java Bank and the Kebumen Regency Government, is one of the pilot cycling activities during the pandemic.

All participants involved in Pedalpedia 2021 have been declared healthy and have undergone a swab test. Not only that, during the course of the activity, the committee also implemented strict health protocols.

“The first purpose of this activity is of course sport tourism based on compliance with health protocols. We limit the number of participants, health checks both from the place of origin and at the place of activity have also been carried out,” said Head of Disporapar (Kadisporapar) Central Java Province, Sinoeng N Rachmadi for a moment before the start starts.

Through Pedalpedia, his party hopes that this cycling activity will also be able to attract tourists to visit Kebumen, which was paralyzed by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the committee for the 2021 Pedalpedia activity, Hendra Dharmanto, said the cycling activity this time was much different from the usual cycling activity. Because it is a pilot event and its implementation is carried out with very strict health protocols.

“From the number of participants, for example, we have severely limited it. Usually it can reach more than 1,000 people, this is only 100 people. Even when the race is far away and all participants have undergone a swab test,” said Hendra from Samba Bikers who was lined up as the organizer of the activity

Pedalpedia 2021, Safe Gowes Shows off Kebumen BeautyPedalpedia 2021, Safe Gowes Shows off Kebumen Beauty Photo: (Rinto Heksantoro/Bali Tourism)

Hendra explained, the participants will pass four tourist destinations in Kebumen Regency before reaching the finish line. The first pit stop is located at Petanahan Beach which is continued to Sempor Reservoir. Furthermore, participants will be taken to the Jatijajar cave until they reach the finish line at Menganti beach.

“During the trip, there will be many surprises for the participants. For example, tasting the typical culinary of Kebumen, seeing MSMEs in Kebumen and enjoying various rides on Menganti Beach,” he added.

As the host, Kebumen Regent Arif Sugiyanto also welcomed the event. His party hopes that there will be many similar activities that can be held in the future, but still pay attention to health protocols by implementing the 5 M, namely wearing masks, washing hands with soap with running water, maintaining distance, staying away from crowds, and limiting mobilization and interaction.

“Of course, this is to introduce Kebumen tourism, especially participants from several regions in Indonesia. We hope that many similar activities will be held in Kebumen, despite the pandemic, but still observing strict health protocols,” he said.

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