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These are the benefits of the AKU HATINYA PKK Program – Bali Travel News

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As the Chairperson of the Tabanan Regency PKK TP, Mrs. Rai Wahyuni ​​Sanjaya intensely monitors Practice and Strengthen Beautiful, Organized and Comfortable Beautiful Pages (I AM HEART OF PKK). This monitoring is carried out to existing villages to monitor the progress made by the community in creating pilot houses or impact houses by utilizing yards in the form of household gardens.

This time, accompanied by the Head of the Social Service and P3A Tabanan, several administrators of the Regency PKK TP, and in collaboration with the Tabanan Regency GOW and inviting Bali Volunteers, the Tabanan Regency TP PKK Head visited several pilot houses and impact houses in Bongan Village, Tabanan District and Berembeng Village. , Selemadeg District, Friday (11/6).

In addition to admiring the community’s efforts to innovate and be creative to maximize the neat and beautiful yard, Mrs. Rai Wahyuni ​​Sanjaya also focused on talking to each other and sharing understanding about the purpose of the AKU HATINYA PKK program for the local community.

This program is expected to be useful and can be felt for families and people around them first and in the future, it would be better if the community could develop plants that have economic value, so that they can provide benefits for families, especially during the current pandemic.

Like the residents in Berembeng Village, Selemadeg who prioritizes creativity in developing ornamental plants with high selling value, such as bonsai, food plants such as white turmeric, tomatoes, chilies and plants typical of the lemongrass area, which can be processed into rubbing oil, so that later they can provide economic value for the family.

This is a positive step in realizing the vision and mission of Tabanan Regency towards a Safe, Superior and Civilian New Era (AUM), starting from the smallest level, namely the family. If this program is really implemented in a disciplined manner, then it is inevitable that it will be very beneficial for the residents.

After visiting the Two Villages, all of them have entered the criteria for I HEART PKK, only the average is still not perfected. “So the elements already exist, such as medicinal plants, food plants, and others as well as ornamental plants, but the arrangement needs to be refined again,” said Ny. Rai Wahyuni ​​after visiting Berembeng Village.

Furthermore, he also constantly advised residents to plant crops that have economic value in their yards, so as to generate and increase family income. And also he hopes that soon the villages he has not visited can prepare themselves better.

On that occasion, Mrs. Rai Wahyuni ​​Sanjaya who is also the Head of K3S Tabanan Regency carries the mission of the Social Rehabilitation program for the Elderly in Tabanan Regency, by providing wheelchair assistance to two elderly people in Tabanan District in collaboration with the Social Service and P3A Tabanan Regency and Bali Volunteers.

The two elderly who received assistance at that time were elderly from Dajan Peken Village, An. I Nengah Sumanda and the elderly from Banjar Subamia Dencarik, Subamia Village, Tabanan. The family who accompanied at that time expressed their gratitude and thanks for the assistance provided. (BTN/bud),

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