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Sandiaga Reviewing the Construction of a Capsule Hotel in Toba, Target for Completion in June

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Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno inspects the construction of the Bobobox capsule hotel in the Toba Caldera. He targets this hotel to be completed by the end of June.

The construction of the hotel is one of the steps to accelerate the recovery of the creative sector in Lake Toba. As is well known, Lake Toba is included in the Super Priority Destination.

The hotel that was built has a unique and contemporary concept. Hotel Bobobox presents a capsule-shaped building design and was established in The Caldera Toba, Ajibaga District, Toba Regency, North Sumatra.

During his visit, Sandiaga witnessed the stages of hotel construction as a result of the collaboration with the public private partnership (PPP) scheme directly. Sandiaga seems satisfied because the construction has reached 40 percent. He is optimistic that the construction will be completed in June 2021.

“Today (the construction) is approaching 40 percent of its readiness and we hope that by the end of June 30 units will be tested,” Sandiaga said on Wednesday (9/6/2021) to reporters.

Sandiaga Uno inspects the construction of the Bobobox hotel in the Toba Caldera (Kemenparekraf doc)

The hotel construction, which is planned to start in March 2021, is proof of the government’s seriousness in restoring the national tourism sector.

This, he said, is in line with the 3G platforms, namely Gercep (fast movement), Geber (joint movement) and Gaspol (working on all potentials) which he initiated with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

“This is an embodiment of 3G, fast-moving, so six months after we are on duty we see a completed facility, we move together because we are collaborating with bobobox, this is the business world-investors, those who invest, We provide land in the form of mutually beneficial cooperation,” he said.

“And lastly is gaspol, we are working on all potentials, because later in the second stage if these 30 cabins get a positive response, we will continue with the next 30 cabins in the second year,” he continued.

With the same amount of money as Sandiaga, the Managing Director of the Lake Toba Authority (BPODT), Jimmy Bernando Panjaitan, is also optimistic that the hotel construction will be achieved.

“I think that’s what the Minister said, we have to complete a lot of work in the shortest possible time, a lot of work must be done quickly,” Jimmy said.

“We believe we can finish everything on time with the support and direction from the Minister,” Jimmy said.

The good news, later the employees of this hotel are local people. The goal is to create wider job opportunities.

BPODT is currently conducting training and providing skills, it has recruited as many as three local residents at this time.

“Because the purpose of all this development is for the sake of the people, that’s what I think is the main thing for us. So we have already hired three people, we have trained before, we have hired three people,” he concluded.

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