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PHRI Denpasar Offers Work From Sanur Special Program

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The Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) of Denpasar City also responded to the Work from Bali (WFB) program. Now, PHRI Denpasar specifically offers Work from Sanur.

“Work from Bali is still wide, it can be anywhere in Bali, but here we offer Sanur to be an option for those who will work from Bali, and we call it Work from Sanur,” said Chairman of the PHRI Denpasar City, Ida Bagus Gede Sidartha Putra in a written statement received detik.com, Friday (11/6/2021).

The Work from Bali Program launched by the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Kemenko Marves) by inviting State Civil Apparatus (ASN) and BUMN.

Sidharta assessed that the implementation of the Work from Bali program was a breath of fresh air for tourism actors in Denpasar City. In particular, Denpasar City offers a specific Work from Bali program through Work from Sanur.

“Denpasar as the capital city of Bali Province also depends on the tourism sector. So with the specific Work From Sanur program, it is hoped that it can support the economic growth in Denpasar City,” he said.

The atmosphere of tourist visits at Segara Ayu Beach, Sanur, Denpasar on the Easter weekend holiday, Sunday (4/4/2021) (Sui Suadnyana/detikcom)

Sidharta explained that Work from Sanur offers the feel of a quiet typical rural life. This atmosphere can make workers feel safe when exploring the Sanur area, starting from white sand beaches with calm and shallow waves that allow children to play in the water easily.

In addition, said Gusde Sidartha, one of the uniqueness and attractions of Sanur is because along the coastline there are roads for jogging tracks. The jogging track on the shore of Sanur is quite long, which is about 4 kilometers. In addition to jogging, this road can be an option for cycling with children.

“For those who want culinary tours at more affordable prices, please visit Sindhu Market at night. There are many street food vendors that can be visited here,” he said.

Sidharta said that the Work from Sanur offer was not without reason. Because, previously the Sanur area had been designated a COVID-19 green zone for implementation free covid corridor.

The Sanur green zone now covers Sanur Kaja Village, Sanur Village and Sanur Kauh Village. Thousands of residents and workers in the region have received the first and second stages of the COVID-19 vaccine so that herd immunity community by 70 percent has been met.

“For the Sanur area itself, the COVID-19 spread rate has decreased drastically and is the lowest since vaccination in all of Sanur. So that the Sanur tourism area becomes green and can be reopened,” he explained.

Sidharta emphasized that tourists should not be afraid to come to Sanur. Because hotels and restaurants in the area have implemented cleanliness, health, safety, environment (CHSE). All public and tourist facilities have also implemented health protocols.

“We are optimistic that Sanur is ready to become a green zone destination that will support Bali tourism recovery programs planned by the government, including Work from Bali with the Work from Sanur option,” said Sidharta.

“The Sanur area is ready to become a pilot project for the Work from Sanur program and other domestic tourists, because the single management system makes the area we manage through the Sanur Development Foundation more controlled and supervised,” he added.

Finally, Sidharta hopes that the Work from Sanur program will increase the interest of travelers to live and work from Bali.

“We hope that the start of Work From Bali in Sanur can increase the confidence of tourists to visit Bali and carry out tourist activities in a safe and certified travel corridor in the Sanur area,” said Sidharta.

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