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Not Just Bike Carriages, KAI Also Has Other Novelties You Know

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Recently, the Indonesian train carriages went viral for neat bicycles like abroad. However, that’s not the only novelty in Indonesian trains.

Another novelty on Indonesian trains was also uploaded by videographer @lostpacker or whose real name is Sutiknyo on his personal Instagram and Youtube pages.

Contacted separately by Bali Tourism, Friday (11/6/2021), Sutiknyo admitted that he had the opportunity to try the Bromo Orchid meter train from Jakarta to Surabaya on June 1.

“In my experience, when they launched on June 1, they launched a new speed, which was 9 hours to 8.5 hours,” said Sutiknyo.


He explained that currently the Bromo Anggrek metered train is indeed the fastest train in Indonesia. During the launch of the new speed event that Sutiknyo participated in, the train was even said to be faster than usual.

Sutiknyo said that the Bromo Anggrek metered train he was riding from Jakarta was 30 minutes faster than the usual schedule. The time reduction is called because the train reduces the stopping time during transit.

However, this was not the only novelty that Sutiknyo saw on his journey. There was another feature on the train that amazed him.

“The other thing for me is that they brought back the kitchen in the restoration train. As we know last 2012-2013 they last brought the kitchen. In the past, I used to cook my snacks straight,” he said

As a lover of the train mode of transportation, Sutiknyo enthusiastically welcomed the chef in the restoration car. It is called offering a more experience than enjoying heated food.

“Since that train, the food has started to feel like the food has been frozen. It’s a bit unattractive. Yesterday, it was interesting that the chef brought back the chef, the food was fresh and some of the food was cooked there too,” Sutiknyo recounted.

Argo Bromo Orchid Photo: Argo Bromo Orchid (KAI)

On that trip, Sutiknyo also had the opportunity to eat and review a number of food menus cooked directly by the chef. The menu is varied, including the Solo Strait, Bakmi Godog, Nasi Rames and the legendary Parahiyangan Fried Rice.

“For me, eating is restored while looking at the scenery outside, it’s really interesting, moreover, the smell of the chef’s cooking evokes romance because if the train is romantic, it’s like reminiscing about the past,” he recalled

Meanwhile, the special service called Sutiknyo is only available on the Bromo Anggrek meter train. It just doesn’t rule out the possibility, if later it can be presented on other train routes.

“Usually there is 1 train carriage that serves 2 chefs, but now it’s only been tested on the Bromo Anggrek metered train. Later it will be on several trains as well, he said. Hopefully I will try it too,” he concluded.

He cried again, Sutiknyo departed on the Pancasila Sanctity Day. He and the other passengers were also given a red and white flag, and the anthem Indonesia Raya, which he admitted made him proud.

In addition, another interesting thing is the presence of the train staff who pay their respects when the train departs. Similar to a similar tradition in Japan’s Sakura Country.

Those are some other novelties from PT KAI. Hopefully there will be more novelties in the future for the convenience of train lovers.

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