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‘IKM/SME Goes To Mall’ – Bali Travel News

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The movement of the Balinese economy during the pandemic through IKM / MSMEs received positive attention and appreciation from many parties. After being visited directly by the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Tri Rismaharini and Chair of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia Puan Maharani, Mrs. Putri Suastini Koster as Chair of the Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) of Bali Province again had the opportunity to accompany the Deputy Chair of the Dekranasda of Batu City-East Java Mrs. Qurotul Aini, Head of the Cooperative, UMKM and Trade Office of Batu Eko Suhartono and his entourage for a series of working visits, at the home base of IKM/SMEs in Bali Province at the Ksirarnawa Building, Denpasar Art Center and Plaza Renon (as one of the malls chosen as the IKM/SME exhibition venue), Thursday (10/6).

On this occasion, Mrs. Putri Koster said that the marketing of local products from Balinese craftsmen during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has not yet ended, has also been carried out through E_Marketplace. This is done to minimize the touch between consumers and sellers while at the same time avoiding dense crowds, namely through a digital platform namely ‘balimall.id’ which can be accessed overseas.

“But if we click balimall.id, we will find authentic products made by Balinese craftsmen. Because this digital platform was created specifically to provide a place for those who want to find Balinese handicraft products,” said Mrs. Putri Koster.

After successfully doing online marketing, the management of the Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) of Bali Province on the idea of ​​Mrs. Putri Koster continued the struggle to market and introduce local handicraft production in big malls in Bali (IKM/UMKM Goes to Mall), which will be exhibited later. It will open simultaneously on 14 June.

“To raise the spirit of Balinese craftsmen, the Bali Regional National Crafts Council continues to provide education regarding packaging and product appearance so that it affects the selling price being marketed, because Balinese handicraft products are a feature of local wisdom by placing them in appropriate places so they can appear with taksu and glory. ourselves, so that we as the next generation of ancestors can maintain their heritage which is part of the cultural heritage,” said Mrs. Putri Koster.

In the future, so that the ancestral cultural heritage does not become extinct and can even progress and develop, Mrs. Putri Koster invites all Regional National Craft Councils throughout Indonesia to cooperate with one another, because the existence of the archipelago heritage is a shared responsibility to be able to continue maintained.

He added, Balinese craftsmen must be strong and eager to start their movement in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic, mastering technological information is one of the ways and efforts that everyone has, where we must be able to regulate ourselves, don’t let the pandemic start to slow down and be normal. we just start warming up and packing, then it will cause us to lose speed with the progress of science and technology that is sweeping the world. “Dekranasda’s role here is to facilitate the holding of IKM/SME exhibitions for local craftsmen so that direct transactions with consumers occur, while being creative and innovative by adapting to the current situation,” he added.

Head of the Cooperatives, MSMEs and Trade Office of Batu Eko Suhartono said that his working visit to Bali was because Bali and Batu are both regions that have been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, both of which live from the tourism sector and are currently experiencing a fairly hard decline. . His party came to know how Bali began to rise with its IKM/SME sector as well as the agricultural sector. In addition to the IKM/SME exhibition at the Art Center Cultural Park, a visit will also be made to Gianyar Regency.

In the future, Mrs. Putri Koster hopes that Bali will be able to become a showcase for Indonesian handicraft products, so that the work base in the form of implementing strict health protocols is the main factor for the recovery of the Bali and Batu areas, especially from the spread and transmission of Covid-19. “Don’t let this pandemic be an excuse for us to be quiet and not improve and don’t let an activity become an excuse for us not to be disciplined in our work. However, do activities by keeping your distance and wearing masks, keeping your body, especially your face clean, so that you can stimulate the family economy that does not endanger yourself and others regarding health,” he said.

With a frequency that is in line between the Bali Dekranasda and the Bali Industry and Trade Office, local products prioritize improving the appearance of product packaging so that they are able to raise prices, so that Dekranasda’s task is as a bridge for products produced by IKM/SMEs in Bali between consumers and craftsmen. make it a shared obligation, but if the crafters experience problems with intellectual property rights, marketing and marketing, they will be directed to the Trade Office to help, and if the crafters are constrained by raw materials, they will be linked to the Industry and Trade Department, whereas if they experience problems due to capital, the crafters will be in touch. directly with Bank BPD Bali as the capital provider. (BTN/ery)

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