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Fish Menu, Mandatory Family Menu – Bali Travel News

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Fish is an excellent source of protein to meet the daily nutritional needs of children to maximize their growth and development phase, where fish contains omega-3 which is very important for children’s brain development. Once the importance of the benefits derived from consuming fish, it is necessary to build awareness, especially among children, to like and enjoy eating fish. This movement is also one of the efforts to build a golden generation that is physically and mentally healthy. For this reason, the fish menu is expected to be one of the mandatory menus served in the family.
This expectation was conveyed by the Chairperson of the Bali Province National Fish Consumption Increase Forum (Forikan) Mrs. Putri Koster in her speech at the GEMARIKAN event at the Banjar Pekuwon Hall, Cempaga Village, Bangli District, Friday (11/6).
Furthermore, in her speech, the woman who is fondly called Bunda Putri said that building awareness of consuming fish can be started from the availability of a variety of fish-based menus that are processed in such a way on the family’s daily menu. Mothers are expected to be creative in serving fish-based menus by utilizing existing kitchen spices without using seasonings that are harmful to health.
“How important it is for our children to get the nutritional intake contained in fish so that children grow up healthy and smart, make fish a family menu, process fish well so that children like to eat fish,” he added.
The companion of the number one person in Bali added, in addition to raising awareness to consume fish, it is also necessary to pay attention to the availability of healthy and fresh fish produced from clean lakes or rivers as well. Considering a dirty river or lake will have an impact on the quality of the fish that live in that place. For this reason, it is very important and a common concern to keep fish habitats (lakes, rivers, or seas) clean, so that later they can consume clean and healthy fresh fish.
“Bangli Regency has Lake Batur which is rich in fish, so keep the lake clean and sustainable so that the fish in it are also healthy. The community can also take advantage of vacant land by making fish ponds, the results of which can later be used for their own consumption. Thus, we will not only build awareness of eating fish, but also ensure the availability of fish that is affordable for the community,” he said.
In the event which was also attended by Bangli Regent Sang Nyoman Sedana Arta, Bangli Deputy Regent I Wayan Diar and Bangli DPRD Chairman Ketut Suastika, then Bunda Putri also invited all stakeholders to work together to find patterns and systems related to efforts to build awareness to love to eat fish and fish supply. fresh, healthy and affordable by the public. Thus, the community will not only like to eat fish but also the available fish are inexpensive and can be obtained easily by the community so that nutritional needs can be met.
The movement to promote eating fish (Gemarikan) which was coupled with the Commemoration of the Birth of Pancasila and the Commemoration of Bung Karno III Month was also filled with the delivery of packages of fondness for fish in the form of shredded fish, crackers and fish fillets to the elderly, pregnant women, stunting children and elementary school children as well as fishing competitions. and catfish followed by elementary school students. The event which was also attended by the Head of Forikan Bangli Regency, Head of the Bali Provincial Fisheries Service and Head of OPD in the Bangli Regency Government was also filled with the appearance of reading Bung Karno’s poetry by student representatives. (BTN/ery)

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