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Don’t be careless at Gilimanuk Entrance – Bali Travel News

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Tourism actors in Bali hope that the government will not delay or cancel the open border which has been planned for the end of July 2021. Including the Work From Bali (WFB) program, it must run smoothly as planned. This is a hope for tourism actors to restore the economy of the Balinese people who have been dead for almost 1.5 years. Moreover, the managers of hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and other tourist businesses are ready to receive tourist visits. Most of the tourism components already have a CHSE certificate and some are in the process of getting this certificate, as evidence of having undergone a new era of life order, as well as the implementation of Health Protocols (Prokes) according to the standards set by the government.

For this reason, tourism actors also encourage to reduce positive cases of Covid-19, so that Bali remains in the orange zone, even continuing to become a green zone. Suppressing positive cases is very important, as a condition that Bali is safe from the spread of Covid-19, so that the border opening plan is not disrupted. The vaccination program is also continuously encouraged, by educating employees and the public on the importance of maintaining immunity to avoid being exposed to the virus. “If the tourist perception is positive about Bali, then the visit will come. There is no program like that, and tourists are competing to come to Bali,” said the head of the Tabanan Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI), I Gusti Bagus Made Damara.

According to him, there are two government programs in an effort to restore Bali’s tourism. The first is in the WFB program which will bring in several Ministry of State Civil Apparatus (ASN) who carry out work activities from Bali. “It’s a lighter, so there is a belief that Bali is worth a visit. Evidently, during their stay in Bal, they feel comfortable working from Bali. That’s a trigger,” said Damara, who is also the Managing Director of the Dewi Sinta Hotel & Restaurant.

What will happen if the travel bubble program shows that the spread of Covid-19 in Bali continues to slow down, thus giving confidence to outsiders that Bali is worth visiting. That is, when the data is available, of course without neglecting the so-called factors of accuracy and prudence in accepting visits from outside the region. “The government must have made a standard process, both for the arrival of domestic and foreign tourists, both in the airport sector or at the sea port. It remains only to be certain that the implementation of the standard must be carried out. Don’t be fooled,” he hoped.

Damara explained, if today Bali hopes for the domestic market, of course it is important to know the sources of the domestic market, coming from any area, so that they can protect them. “Meanwhile, a lot of tourists come from the Java area, and in Java itself it turns out that the spread of cases is still quite worrying. Then, whether the WFB was canceled?. This means that Javanese people to Bali are not only concerned with traveling, there may be job mobility, family matters, so that there are definite standards that are applied at the entrance, such as at sea and air ports,” he recalled.

The standards already exist, however, it was found that the officers did not carry out the standards properly and were careless, even the officers themselves who violated them, the government should pay attention to the implementing officials. “We live in reality, which is living in a pandemic condition, so we have to be careful. However, we must live with mobilization, which is a necessity. Therefore, every effort must be made so that mobilization continues and caution is also carried out,” he suggested. (BTN/bud)

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