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Be Careful, Beware of Fire Danger – Bali Travel News

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The Deputy Regent (Wabup) of Buleleng, Dr. I Nyoman Sutjidra who is also the Chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Buleleng Regency, appealed to all Buleleng people to be more vigilant when leaving their homes. “Thus, incidents such as house fires that are currently afflicting several residents in Buleleng Regency can be avoided,” he said while visiting and providing social assistance, in the form of family kits, hygiene kits, tarpaulins, blankets, PHBS, and basic necessities to fire victims Kadek Ariadana and his wife. Putu Suriani at the Mertasari Service Banjar, Patas Village, Gerokgak District, Friday (11/6).

The fire disaster that hit several residents of the Buleleng community has been repeated several times. The cause of the fire was none other than the negligence of the people themselves who were less alert when leaving the house after performing prayer activities either by using incense or candles. To cope with the fire accident due to this negligence, he asked the sub-district heads and village heads to socialize the community to be more vigilant before leaving the house. “It has been conveyed through socialization from the Camat and the Village Head so that people who after praying using candles or incense to turn off first before leaving the house,” he said.

Although the calamity that befell several Buleleng residents was the result of negligence, as a form of concern he as the Chairman of PMI Buleleng together with his staff by cooperating with several social care communities in Buleleng Regency will try to help distribute social assistance, both assistance in the form of clothing, food and house renovation through fundraising. “It’s a disaster, we have to be concerned. PMI is always ready to be able to help alleviate the disaster-affected people,” added Sutjidra.

Not only visiting the fire victims in Patas Village, Deputy Regent Sutjidra also took the time to visit the house of underprivileged resident Ketut Sari, in Banjar Taman Sari Mekar, Gerokgak Village. During the visit, Sutjidra also distributed social assistance in the form of family kits, hygiene kits, tarpaulins, blankets, PHBS, and basic necessities, which were directly received by Ketut Sari, an 80-year-old elderly with a single household who lives alone in a hut on his family’s land.

Related to the poor people who are still scattered, such as Ketut Sari himself, together with PMI Buleleng and the Buleleng Social Community (BSC) will try their best to help ease the burden on Ketut Sari. In the near future, PMI and BSC will set up temporary tents for Ketut Sari to occupy, because the condition of the building currently occupied is not suitable for habitation, and in the future he will raise funds to prepare for house renovation. “This is one of our communities that has been left alone. Hopefully we can ease the burden soon, especially for shelter (home surgery),” he concluded. (BTN/bud)

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