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Two Baby Hyenas Born at Bali Safari – Bali Travel News

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Remember the Hyena at Bali Safari? It’s been two years, 4 striped hyenas at Bali Safari Park. The four hyenas consisting of two females named Manama and Adiiya, and two males named Hamad and Riffa became the idols of visitors to Bali Safari Park. In April last year, two male hyena babies were born again, which were born healthy from the parent pair Adiiya and the male Hamad. The two male babies were named A’ali and Amman by the Bali Safari animal team.

dr. Yohana Kusumaningtyas, a senior veterinarian at Bali Safari, said the two baby hyenas, who are only 1 month old, are now being treated intensively by a team of doctors. The reason is, after 6 days of birth, Adiiya’s mother’s breast milk is not sufficient for her children’s needs. Therefore, instead, Hyena babies are fed formula every 4 hours. The dose of formula milk is then adjusted according to the growth and results of daily and weight scales. After 2 weeks from birth, the baby’s eyes are open. A week later, his teeth began to grow and he learned to walk. “Only after he turned 1 month old, we introduced him to complementary foods with milk,” he said, Wednesday (9/6).

The birth of baby hyenas is a matter of pride for Bali Safari. The birth of the baby Hyena is the result of the hard work of all parties at Bali Safari, including the animal keepers who consistently apply the principles of good animal conservation. “In the future, we hope that there will be more animal conservation at Bali Safari, both endemic to Indonesia and from abroad, “said Assistant Curator of Bali Safari, Nyoman Suartawan.

Suartawan said that the success of Hyena conservation was of course also realized thanks to the support from all levels of society who were never tired of supporting animal conservation activities at Bali Safari, by visiting the Bali Safari Park. “We hope that the Hyena babies will stay healthy and continue to grow well, so that they can meet Bali Safari Park visitors soon,” he hoped.

General Manager, Jennifer Suryadi explained, Bali Safari is one of the largest conservation institutions in Indonesia, one part of the Taman Safari Indonesia Group. It always puts animal welfare first. “The birth of this baby hyena is one of our conservation successes, and of course we are very proud of this,” he said.

He hopes that visitors can soon meet these adorable cute babies. “Visitors also don’t need to worry when they come here, because we always comply with and maintain the Health Protocol. Visitors who have just arrived at Bali Safari will have their body temperature checked and then given dsanitizer. In addition, we have provided hand washing places and hand sanitizers in every corner of the area. And don’t forget our operational team who are spread throughout the area always urge visitors to always wear masks.” he added.

Bali Safari Park, part of the Taman Safari Indonesia Group, is the first animal conservation organization in Bali to have this African animal. At the end of 2020, precisely in October, a baby female Hyena was born healthy at Bali Safari. In particular, Indonesian actress Jessica Iskandar gave the name “Mooi” to the baby Hyena. The word Mooi is taken from the Dutch language which means beautiful. “Mooi” was born to Manama and the male Riffa. (BTN/bud)

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