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PKB 2021 Held Offline and Online – Bali Travel News

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The Bali Provincial Government is consistent and committed to holding the XLIII Bali Arts Festival (PKB) 2021. The implementation of this PKB is one of the implementations of the Bali Province Development vision 2018-2023: Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali, through the Universal Development Pattern Planning Towards a New Bali Era.

In the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic situation, PKB is carried out conventionally (offline) and online with strict and measurable health protocols. In line with that, this time PKB carries the hashtags #LuunganMabalihUliJumah and #NontonPKBdariRumah, with the hope that the Balinese and the wider public can witness and enjoy the entire series of PKB activities virtually (online).

Bali Governor Wayan Koster revealed that the implementation of the 2021 XLIII PKB is an effort to adapt new habits to maintain productivity, creativity and provide a stage for art appreciation for artists and art performers in Bali, as well as provide healthy and educational entertainment for all levels of society. Wednesday(9/6)

In the implementation of PKB XLIII in 2021, the theme is Purna Soul: Prananing Wana Kerthi (Plenary Soul of the Breath of the Tree of Life), which means glorifying trees/forests as a symphony of universal harmony towards a prosperous life with an all-perfect soul.

This thematic is visually represented through the main icon of the Kalpataru tree which can be interpreted as the breath of life as well as the main knowledge that teaches humans about food sources, pharmacology, culture, economy, industry, and even spirituality. Trees are believed to be the eldest brother of man in life on earth.

For a whole month, from 12 June to 10 July 2021, various agendas and activities are presented, including Peed Aya (Parade); Mutual Fund (Performance); Utsawa (Parade); Wimbakara (Contest); Kandarupa (Exhibition); Kriyaloka (Workshop); Widyatula (Session); and Adi Sewaka Nugraha (Art Servant Award).

“Participants or artists participating in the PKB, as well as visitors, are expected to be disciplined, orderly, and obedient in implementing health protocols, so as not to create new clusters. I ask for the cooperation of all relevant parties, especially the leading sector of the Bali Provincial Cultural Service and supported by other agencies so that they can carry out the implementation of this PKB as well as planned and expected,” said Governor Koster’s direction, Saturday (05/06) at the Plenary Meeting for the Consolidation of Preparations for the Implementation of the XLIII PKB in 2021 at the Jayasabha Building.

The Plenary Meeting for Consolidating the Preparation for the Implementation of the XLIII PKB in 2021 was also attended by the Deputy Governor of Bali, Chair of the Bali Provincial DPRD, Bali Police Chief, Pangdam IX/Udayana, Denpasar Police Chief, Denpasar Mayor, Deputy Regent of Badung, Deputy Regent of Karangasem, Regional Secretary of Tabanan Regency, Secretary of Gianyar Regency, representatives of Jembrana, Bangli, Buleleng regencies, and the Chancellor of ISI Denpasar.

On this occasion, the Bali Police Chief conveyed his party’s readiness to secure the implementation of the 2021 XLIII PKB, while re-emphasizing the importance of discipline from all parties in complying with the Health Protocol to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic.

PKB XLIII 2021 is a vehicle and space for actualization in the promotion of culture, as the implementation of the Bali Provincial Regulation Number 4 of 2020 concerning the Strengthening and Advancement of Balinese Culture which is also an event for the Advancement of National Culture in line with Law Number 5 of 2017 concerning the Advancement of Culture.

In contrast to the Bali Jani Art Festival, which accommodates the widest range of modern, contemporary, and experimental visual works, PKB is dedicated as a space to appreciate the existence of classical and traditional arts in Bali, which until now continues to develop dynamically.

In line with the vision of the Development of the Province of Bali, PKB has a vision and mission to realize a higher quality implementation as a place for artistic creation and cultural appreciation that is solid in its identity with the functions of education, economy, and progress of civilization that are open, locally, nationally, and internationally. At the same time as a forum for the study, excavation, preservation, and development of art in a professional and sustainable manner.

PKB is the icon of the biggest art festival in Bali Province which is colossal, populist and at the same time has a reputation at the world level. This is in line with Governor Wayan Koster’s statement, that PKB as an art and cultural event with historical value, is 43 years old, and is part of the collective memory and pride of Balinese manners, as well as being proven to have high appreciation from the national and international public.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Bali Provincial Culture Office, I Gede Arya Sugiartha, stated that the noble concept in the theme of the 2021 PKB XLIII will be a trigger for tradition-based creativity and motivate the current generation of Balinese to always love ancestral culture, build character, identity and prosperity.

Seventy-three events will be presented during the implementation of the PKB, involving 10,000 artists from superior communities and all regencies/cities in Bali, including foreign delegates. The agenda consists of 43 types of Mutual Funds (Performance); 3 types of Utsawa (Parade); 13 Wimbakara (Contest); 2 Kandarupa (Exhibition); 6 Kriyaloka activities (Workshops); and 6 topics of Widyatula (Sarasehan).

“Especially for the Widyatula program or workshops, it is different from the PKB in previous years which was only held once, for 2021 it will be held six times. All the editorials presented the main theme of the 43rd PKB regarding efforts to protect and care for the environment or the environment so that it is sustainable,” said I Gede Arya Sugiartha.

This Widyatula agenda (rehearsal) presents qualified resource persons in their fields from Bali and outside Bali. Such as Prof. Dr. Yasraf Amir Piliang, MA; Prof. Dr. I Made Bandem, MA; Educate Nini Thowok; Dr. Tisna Sanjaya S.Sn, MA; Nyoman Erawan; Popo Danes; Yori Antar; Dr. Tjok Wife Ratna Cora Sudharsana, S.Sn., M.Si; Eddy Hasby, Hasan Aspahani; and others.

The opening of the 2021 PKB XLIII will be carried out live and virtual, and is planned to be opened by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo online and broadcast live at the Ksirarnawa Building, Bali Provincial Cultural Park, on June 12, 2021, at 11.00-12.30 WITA. The event will be interpreted as showing the video of Peed Aya (parade) “Pratiti Wana Kerthi” and Rekasadana (Performance) Ballet “Wreksa Kastuba” produced by ISI Denpasar.

Each representative of 9 regencies/cities in Bali will show their expertise and ability to bring various classical art performances; gambuh, xylophone, wayang wong, gamelan, masks, shadow puppets, and so on. Reflecting the diversity and rich culture of the archipelago and friendly countries, virtual art performances from Papua are also displayed; the traditional Paser dance from East Kalimantan; to Indian classical dance. All programs are presented conventionally and online through the DISBUD PROV BALI youtube channel as well as live broadcasts and broadcasts on TVRI Bali, Bali TV, and KOMPAS TV, as well as various selected social media. The audience who watched directly to the location of the event was very limited in number, only the artists and their entourage of crew and technical implementers.

Meanwhile, Bali Kandarupa 2021 is the first colossal exhibition of classical art, traditions, and their derivative achievements, in the history of PKB. Affirming the theme of PKB XLIII 2021, the Bali Kandarupa (Imagination, Memory, and Tradition) exhibition carries the title “Wana Jnana” with sub-discussions of Wanda, Jungle, and Spirituality.

Bali Kandarupa was held in three selected locations, the Puri Painting Museum, ARMA Museum, and the Bali Kriya Werdhi Budaya Building, presenting 113 works of Balinese artists across generations, from two-dimensional (painting) to three-dimensional (masks and sculptures), summarizing various classical styles or stylistics and Balinese traditions: Kamasan, Batuan, Ubud, Padangtegal, Pengosekan, Keliki, Nagasepaha, Mas, Nyuh Kuning, Kerambitan, Buleleng, and so on.

As with the previous years’ PKB, this time there were also parades of Adult Gong Kebyar, Children’s Gong Kebyar, and Women’s Gong Kebyar. Do not miss the Wimbakara (Contest) for Children’s Gender Puppet, Youth Balaganjur, Taman Penasar, Barong Ket Dance, Fashion Design and Demonstration, Balinese Basa Pidarta, Classical Puppet Painting, Writing Articles/Opinions, Writing News Stories, Photo Contests, and others -other.(BTN/ery)

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