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Mount Abbo, the Mysterious Mountain in South Sulawesi and the Story of the Monkey King Toakala

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Mount Abbo which is located in Leang-leang Village, Bantimurung District, Maros Regency is being hotly discussed. This South Sulawesi destination is somewhat mysterious.

Here’s the story.

Mount Abbo where a climber named Eva disappeared for 3 days is known to have a strong mystical story. “People talk about it, the mystical is very strong, that’s it,” said Makassar Basarnas Team Commander Dadang Tarkas.

Mount Abbo, which is located in Abbo Village, is still in the Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park area. According to local stories, there was a monkey kingdom led by King Toakala or I Marakondang.

The figure of this ape has a large, tall body, white hair, and is good at talking like a human. These monkeys can still be seen today, namely the macaca maura, an intelligent monkey without a tail.

“In Abbo Village there are several stone ruins that are believed to be relics of the Toakala Kingdom. In addition, there is also a stone bed-shaped which is said to be the bed of I Marakondang,” said a Maros culturalist, Lory Hendrajaya, when met by the Bali Tourism team some time ago.

Toakala who loved hunting, one day, went to the forest looking for deer. However, while on the way, to be precise at the Kassi Kebo lake, which is above the Bantimurung waterfall, he accidentally saw a very beautiful woman bathing in the lake.

The beautiful woman was apparently a princess from the Pattiro Kingdom named I Bissu Daeng. Her figure, this princess has white skin with very long hair. In fact, to unravel his long hair, it takes seven clotheslines. That’s what makes Toakala drunk in love with him.

After returning from the hunt, Toakala sent his envoy to the Pattiro Kingdom with the intention of asking for a hand. But his feelings of love turned into anger, when Pattiro’s party refused and even made fun of him, it was inappropriate to marry the beautiful Bissu Daeng because he was only a monkey.

He finally kidnapped Bissu Daeng to his kingdom. However, not long after, Bissu Daeng was rescued by a large python and brought him back to Pattiro. Toakala was angry again and ordered all his people to prepare to attack the Pattiro Kingdom.

“The name Pattiro is one of the hamlets in Labuaja Village. The distance from Abbo may be about 10 km if we don’t take public roads. In Pattiro Hamlet there are also some stone ruins which are believed to be former kingdoms. In addition, there are stones like snakes wrapped around, it is said that it was the python that saved the princess,” explained Lory.

On receiving news that he would be attacked, King Pattiro’s guts shrank and devised an evil plan. He sent his commander to meet with King Toakala. He advised Toakala to come and apply in good faith on the condition that all his people must join without exception.

White Apes in Maros, South Sulawesi (Photo: Muhammad Nur Abdurrahman/Bali Tourism)

“Because of his love for Bissu Daeng, Toakala’s anger melted and he agreed to the request. He also mobilized all the people and his troops to come to Pattiro to propose to his idol girl,” continued Lory.

Previously, King Pattiro had prepared a large room made of straw glued with pine resin. When the group arrived, they were greeted with a feast by King Pattiro in the large room. Toakala and his people were completely unaware that it was all just a trap.

Before eating the feast, the large room was deliberately burned by Pattiro’s troops from outside so that all the Toakala people were roasted by fire. Because Toakala has supernatural powers, he and a pregnant black female monkey managed to escape the flames.

While running into the forest, the escaped black ape wiped the flames that scorched its tail and buttocks. It was the apes that later gave birth to become Macaca maura. Meanwhile, Toakala, who was angry and feeling guilty at the same time, chose to isolate himself.

“In this story, that’s the reason Macaca Maura doesn’t have a tail and hairless bottom. It is said, Toakala finally retreated into the cave. So that’s why there is a name for the cave in Bantimurung, the Toakala cave, it is said that this is the place to be imprisoned,” said Lory.

After the unfortunate incident, Bissu Daeng was overcome with guilt. He considers her beauty to be a big disaster. He also cursed all of his descendants to no longer have a beautiful face like himself. This curse is a myth in the village of Pattiro, if a woman is born beautiful, she will not live long.

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