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Let’s Appreciate Art, There’s a Mask Festival Held Online Tomorrow!

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Different from previous years, the International Mask Festival (IMF), which is an annual international mask festival in the City of Solo, is held in a hybrid manner, namely online and offline. The event, which has been held since 2014, tries to explore the spirit of the power of togetherness in diversity.

Deputy for Tourism Products and Event Organizers, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Rizki Handayani said that the 2021 IMF will be a performing arts event to explore the wealth of mask art in Indonesia by involving mask artists from abroad in a spectacular stage. Not to be missed, this activity can make mask art a means to establish cultural relations between nations,” said Rizki in a written statement quoted from a press release received Bali Tourism, Thursday (10/6/2021).

“The IMF is expected not only to attract local and foreign tourists, but to create a spirit of love, preserving and developing masks as cultural heritage and not to be left behind as a cultural event to establish and enhance diplomatic relations between the city of Solo and other cities in Indonesia as well as between Indonesia and the United States. other countries,” he said.

He also added that the uniqueness of the 2021 IMF, apart from being held in a hybrid manner, was the sale of Indonesian MSME creative products, mask dance competitions through the TikTok application and quizzes and it was hoped that there would be direct interaction between the organizers and the audience.

“IMF 2020, which was held virtually, got more than 10,000 viewers for two days. It is hoped that the 2021 IMF will reach 20,000 viewers,” said Rizki.

Meanwhile, IMF 2021 Chief Executive Mimi Zulaikha explained that the 2021 IMF will be held on a hybrid basis, namely online and offline.

For offline activities, the Indonesian delegation will perform live and watched by a limited audience at Ndalem Purwohamijayan, Solo. And for online events, Indonesian and foreign delegates display their works through video performances.

“Both types of performances will be broadcast live streaming on the SIPA Festival YouTube channel on Friday and Saturday, June 11 and 12, 2021 starting at 15.00 WIB. IMF 2021 begins with showing videos of performances by Indonesian and foreign delegates who cannot attend the venue. Live performances Indonesian delegation with limited audience starts at 19.30 WIB,” he said.

Mimi also said that the foreign delegates appearing at the 2021 IMF came from the Philippines, Malaysia, France, the Republic of Korea, and Vietnam.

IMF 2021 also features guest stars, Indonesian mask maestro, namely Wangi Indriya, Indramayu and Dr. Martinus Miroto, MFA, Yogyakarta. The Indonesian delegation came from various regions in Indonesia. Live performance viewers can get free tickets via https://linktr.ee/InternationalMaskFest.

“The sale of art goods was followed by Indonesian MSMEs, including Agus Suyono, Gunung Kidul; Bima Nugraha Yusuf, Ponorogo; Didik Budi Utomo, Ponorogo; Narimo, Sukoharjo; and Sujiman, Gunung Kidul. Sales of art goods were also participated by foreign mask makers. countries, namely Alaric Chagnard, France and Hideta Kitazawa, Japan. In addition, IMO is a forum for gathering artists, collectors, craftsmen, communities, as well as individuals who love Indonesian masks. Those who are interested in becoming a part of IMO can register via http://bit. ly/register-IMO,” he said.

CHSE Protocol

The Ministry of Tourism and Economy appreciates the implementation of the 2021 Indonesia Mask Festival, which can be said to be unique because it personalizes special interest thematic events, but is presented with the concept of Entertainment that can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

Thus, despite regulating the movement of tourists with a strict CHSE (Cleanliness, Healthy, Safety and Environment Sustainability) protocol, this event is still able to drive the creative economy broadly.

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