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Don’t Forget to Wear a Mask – Bali Travel News

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Why forget to wear a mask? Ah, forgot again forgot again. This classic reason is often conveyed by violators of the Health Protocol (Prokes) when subject to inspections or when brought under control by the Denpasar City Judiciary Team. For example, when the team was controlling the Micro-Scale Community Creativity Limitation (PPKM) process on Jalan Gunung Saputan, Pemecutan Kelod Village, West Denpasar, Thursday (10/6), a team consisting of Denpasar City Satpol PP, Denpasar City Transportation Service, TNI and the Police arrested 40 prokes violators. “They reasoned that they forgot to wear masks and the distance from their homes was very close,” said Denpasar City Police Chief of Police Dewa Gede Anom Sayoga.

Of the 40 violators who were disciplined, 22 were fined Rp. 100,000 on the spot for not wearing a mask and 18 people were given coaching for using masks inappropriately. “So that this does not happen again, we provide a deterrent effect to violators by being given push-ups on the spot and must sign a statement not to violate again. We also provide push-up sanctions for every violator as a deterrent effect. That way they don’t break anymore. If they violate it, they must be ready to accept more decisive action,” he explained.

In suppressing the transmission of Covid 19, Sayoga admitted that he routinely enforces health protocols. Every control if it is found that someone is not wearing a mask, they will be fined on the spot. Meanwhile, those who wear masks incorrectly will be given training. “We are not tired, and will continue to remind and urge the public to always obey the health protocols. Our community calls for discipline to implement the 6 M, namely wearing standard masks correctly, washing hands, maintaining distance, reducing travel, increasing immunity, and obeying the rules.

Hanton, who lives in the Nusa Dua area that was affected by the inspection, admitted that he forgot to wear a mask because time was running out, so the masks that were stored in his shirt pocket had not been properly installed. When he travels, he always carries a mask, but this time he completely forgot. “Honestly, I forgot to wear a mask, so I got inspected today. I will pay the fine. I will not do this again, for the safety of myself and others,” he said.

This was also conveyed by Mucholis, a man from Banyuwangi who claimed to work at a company in Denpasar City. He did not bring a mask because he was left behind. In fact, when he was traveling he already felt that something was missing, namely not wearing a mask, but also not taking it back. “I apologize for not being in an orderly process. It was because the mask was left behind. I have paid the fine and signed this letter not to do it again. Thank you to the inspection team for reminding us of the importance of implementing health procedures for our health and that of others,” he said with an embarrassed face after the push ups.

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