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Buddhists Perform Uposatha at Borobudur Temple, Capacity is Limited

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Buddhists perform routine worship which is held every 1st and 15th of the Javanese calendar at Borobudur Temple. The service is held to coincide with Uposatha Day or the day on which Buddhists contemplate.

As for the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been held 7 times. In the routine worship, restrictions are placed on the people who participate. Then, implementation by implementing strict health protocols.

The Uposatha Mandala Puja event was also attended by 50 Buddhists, led by Bhante Thitasado and Bhante Ohaso from Sangha Theravada Indonesia (STI).

The Moment of Uposatha Day at Borobudur Temple, Thursday (10/6) (Eko Susanto/Bali Tourism)

The organizer of the Magelang Regency Buddhist Community Guidance, Saring said, routine worship is held on the 1st and 15th of the Javanese calendar. Uposatha itself is a day of contemplation for Buddhists.

“It is counted on the 1st and 15th, it is said to be Uposatha days. Uposatha is a day of contemplation for Buddhists, there are those who carry out sometimes on Uposatha Days fasting. So it is carried out on the 1st and 15th, bright moon and dark moon, carried out one twice a month,” said Saring to reporters after worship at Borobudur Temple, Thursday (10/9/2021).

Regarding the implementation of routine worship at Borobudur Temple, he said, the government had provided access to enter Borobudur Temple. For this reason, Buddhists are given wide opportunities and are welcomed by it positively.

Uposatha Day Moment at Borobudur Temple, Thursday (10/6)The ceremony is limited to 50 people (Eko Susanto/Bali Tourism)

“This is one part of what the Minister of Religion said because of access to enter Borobudur. Automatically, we (Buddhists) have been given wide opportunities, so because the Minister has given such a welcome, we Buddhists welcome it positively. We welcome it. as the organizer of the Buddhist Guidance, condition the people who are here who want to join this worship service or puja,” he said.

“We were given a limit of only 50 people because it’s still a pandemic, the prokes are really tight. Those who want to take part in the Uposatha Mandala Puja, it turns out that there is a lot of interest from the Buddhist community because the number is limited, so this is only 35 people from Temanggung today, others from Magelang, the rest on June 25 ( 15 Java),” he added.

The meaning of Uposatha Mandala Puja, said Saring, is a routine worship which is usually held in their respective monasteries.

“The meaning of Uposatha Mandala Puja itself is that it is actually a routine activity carried out by Buddhists. Routine worship is usually carried out in their respective monasteries, but because of this access to Borobudur has also been opened wide by the government, in addition to carrying out routine activities, Borobudur echoes. “In society, especially the world community, Indonesian people can be recognized again that Borobudur, which so far usually only seems to be for tourism, can now be used for religious tourism,” he said.

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