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Badung Organizes and Builds Condotel Development – ​​Bali Travel News

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The Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Badung Regency, I Wayan Adi Arnawa, chaired a meeting related to the arrangement and development of the Condominium Hotel (Condotel). The activity, which was held on Thursday (10/6) at the Badung Public Housing Center, was also attended by the Head of the Public Housing and Settlement Area (Perkim) Service, AA Ngurah Bayu Kumara Putra, representatives of the Tourism Office, Investment and One Stop Service (DPMPTSP) Office Governance and Law.

Badung Regional Secretary, I Wayan Adi Arnawa said that the regulation and development of condotel development was directed at increasing the usability and yield of land or land use. In addition, it is also to improve the quality of the living environment and support the needs of hotel accommodation facilities. Developers are obliged to give 20% to the general public but the reality on the ground is different. “People do not get according to the existing regulations,” he said.

Many condotel disguised as public flats which is also a violation. In fact, there are several types of flats, namely, public flats for low-income people who have limited purchasing power. Then, special flats are used to meet special needs, such as disaster victims, border areas and Islamic boarding schools. Furthermore, there are commercial flats or apartments or condotel that are built to be sold to upper middle class consumers.

To get it, the consumers of these flats do not get assistance and facilities from the government. Finally, there are Rusunawa or rental flats that are intended for people who live on a rental basis.

“In the future, it is necessary to immediately make changes to regulations and this must be overcome, we must evaluate, from this evaluation we will know several criteria for items that must be met. So, later in the field, we will apply it so that we can quickly fix the mistakes that were previously made and not miss it again,” explained the Regional Secretary, Adi Arnawa.

Head of Perkim AA Ngurah Bayu Kumara Putra said that according to the organization’s law, the condotel was considered legitimate. However, it does not mean that it is an apartment, because there are four criteria based on the law. “Every construction of commercial flats is required to build public flats by 20%,” he explained.

Bayu Kumara explained, if it is not followed, a criminal offense of at least 2 years and a maximum fine of 2 billion will be imposed. Everyone who builds public flats must provide public facilities, otherwise a criminal action will be taken. “I made a technical land so that it would be better to consider who would decide whether to include flats or not. Don’t let him build an apartment in a residential area instead of using it as a hotel and tricking the PUPR Office,” he said

Bayu Kumara emphasized that technically, this building is the same as a house, but its function is as a hotel or villa, where the function is more luxurious. “We have reviewed the law and even changed the regional regulation number 2. In the future, before this becomes a regional regulation, the application for the construction of flats is postponed until there is a regulation,” he said. (BTN/bud)

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