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Taman Pelangi Jogja, an Instagramable Jogja Night Tour

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Taman Pelangi Jogja is an affirmation that Jogja is very worthy to be used as a national tourist destination. Taman Pelangi Jogja is a reflection of the value of creativity, the tourism needs of the present era, combined with Jogja’s culinary tourism.

There are many tourist attractions in Jogja, ranging from nature-themed attractions, culinary delights, to historical-themed attractions.

rainbow aisle. google maps. source: wan architect

The average visit to tourist attractions in Jogja is done during the day. Therefore, the existence of Taman Pelangi Jogja is a complement to the perfection of tourism in Yogyakarta.

Taman Pelangi Jogja is very famous as a Jogja night tour, which is very suitable as a family tourist destination, and culinary tourism at night.

Although there are also many young people who come to Taman Pelangi Jogja. In fact, this also implies that Taman Pelangi Jogja is available for all people, and all ages.

jogja rainbow park
jogja rainbow park. google maps. source: Taman Pelangi Jogja

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The Origin of Taman Pelangi Jogja Taman

If you are confused about why Taman Pelangi Jogja is included as a Jogja night tourism category, or are wondering “does a rainbow appear at night?”, then here is the answer.

The history of naming Taman Pelangi Jogja refers to the view presented in the area. Taman Pelangi Jogja is filled with lights and lanterns, which are colorful like a rainbow.

This condition has become a hyperbole, as well as a history of naming Taman Pelangi Jogja. In fact, the statues in the Taman Pelangi Jogja area can light up.

The naming of the rainbow garden is not only in Jogja, but in several other places. As:

  • Surabaya Rainbow Park
  • Sentul Rainbow Park
  • Bogor Rainbow Park
  • Pangalengan Rainbow Park
lots of cool photo spots
lots of cool photo spots. google maps. source: Zilla Mirza

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The Rainbow Park that we are currently discussing is Taman Pelangi Jogja which is located in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY).

Location & Address of Taman Pelangi Jogja

The location of the Jogja Lantern Park is in the Jogja Kembali Monument area.

The full address is on Jl. North Ring Road, Sariharjo, Ngagklik District, Sleman Regency, DI Yogyakarta.

Route to Jogja Rainbow Park

The route to Taman Pelangi Jogja, using public transportation, is if you move from Tugu Station to Malioboro 1 Stop, then take the Trans Jogja bus route 2A and get off at the North Ring Road Stop.

For those of you who come from the direction of Jombor Terminal, take the Trans Jogja bus route 2B, and get off at the North Ring Road Stop.

one area with the yogya monument is back
one area with the Yogyakarta monument again. google maps. source: planet art

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Jogja Rainbow Park Opening Hours

Taman Pelangi Jogja’s operating hours are open from 16.30 to 22.00, but if the weekend comes, it can be closed later at night.

And open every Monday to Sunday.

Jogja Rainbow Park Ticket

Taman Pelangi Jogja Tickets by paying for the following tickets:

  • Monday to Friday pay Rp. 15.000,- per person
  • Saturday and Sunday and other holidays Rp. 20,000,- per person
there are rides
there are rides. google maps. source: paramita sutopo

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Jogja Rainbow Park Facilities

Facilities at Taman Pelangi Jogja include:

  • Ample parking area
  • Toilet
  • Foud Court
  • Rides

The Attraction of Jogja Rainbow Park

welcome to rainbow garden
welcome to rainbow garden. google maps. source: Hasim Ikhwanudin

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1. Lamp, Or Lantern

The first attraction of Taman Pelangi Jogja is the area which is decorated with various colorful lights, as well as lanterns, thus presenting an Instagramable spot.

Night tours are usually less synonymous with Instagramable spots, but unlike Taman Pelangi Jogja, the natural surroundings combined with lights, or lanterns, will make your camera shots worthy of posting on social media.

2. Various Shapes of Illuminated Statues

The next attraction of Taman Pelangi Jogja is the presence of several replicas, or statues that can light up. Of course, this is a favorite spot for visitors to take selfies.

Besides that, why is Taman Pelangi Jogja very worthy of being a night tour for families? Because in this area there are many kinds of games that you and your family can enjoy.

More photo spots
other photo spots. google maps. source: Indra Rachmawan

3. One area with the Yogya Kembali Monument Museum

Taman Pelangi Jogja is open from afternoon to evening. You don’t have to wait for the afternoon, because the location of Taman Pelangi Jogja is in the same area as the Jogja Return Monument Museum.

The museum is open from morning to evening. So that while waiting for the opening of Taman Pelangi Jogja, you and your family can first do a historical tour at the Jogja Return Monument Museum.

4. Culinary Tour

culinary at night
culinary at night. google maps. source: Emy Prihartiningsih

It’s incomplete if the night tour is not closed with a culinary tour. In the Taman Pelangi area of ​​Jogja, there are many special culinary stands of Jogja that you can enjoy.

The price is very friendly, and does not drain the contents of the wallet. But it does not reduce the taste served.

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