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Kalibiru, the Icon of Selfie Tourism in Jogja

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Kalibiru Menara Pandang

Yogyakarta is an area that always brings a million memories. Full of tourist areas and full of beauty from corner to corner. Exploring Yogyakarta will never end.

This time, native friends will be invited to go to the western part of Yogyakarta, namely Kulon Progo. This area is rarely explored because it is so far away. However, when the New Yogyakarta Airport was completed and operating. Kulon Progo is the main gateway and destination for Yogyakarta residents from outside the city.

Kulon Progo does have a beautiful area. One of them is Congot Beach and Glagah beach which are famous for their romantic nuances at sunset.

Well, the next romantic atmosphere is Kalibiru. A hill that has become an icon of Kulon Progo tourism. Because after Kalibiru became hits, several tourist areas began to present tours in the form of hills.

Image via: www.instagram.com/wisataalamkalibiru

A Brief History of Kalibiru

This place is a protected forest area at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. This protected forest area is partly managed by the community. Well, look at the tourism potential in this area and the growing development of social media at that time. Finally, the residents built several family-friendly facilities and infrastructure.

According to history, this Kalibiru area is a residential area for residents who during the Dutch colonial era were also used as a hiding place for Prince Diponegoro against the VOC.

The area in the Menoreh hills has an area of ​​​​approximately 1,047 ha. This forest area has experienced severe damage due to illegal logging. Lots of fallen trees and natural disasters came and went.

Kalibiru Tree Platform 2
Image via: www.instagram.com/wisataalamkalibiru

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Interesting Things in Kali Biru

The hills in Kalibiru are indeed very enchanting, various activities can be done in this area. The following are activities that native friends can do while in Kalibiru. Don’t miss it, it’s a loss if that happens.

1. Tower of View

Kalibiru is famous for its viewing tower. This tower seems to be an icon that can not be avoided. In fact, since the first time this place was known by netizens. The charm of the viewing post has already been invaded by other tourists.

Not only the hills that can be enjoyed here. Native friends can see the Sermo Reservoir which is a reservoir of pride for Kulon Progo residents. This reservoir is a source of water for all residents. The beauty of this Sermo Reservoir does look like water in the desert. It’s really stunning.

The viewing post here is quite unique and interesting. Where, native friends will climb above the tree. At the highest point there is a wooden plank that can only be filled by 3-5 people. This board becomes tomorrow because it is above this breezy wind will be very strong. Stay careful because, strong winds can make your native friend fall.

Don’t forget to enjoy the sunset at the end of the wait. Watching the sunset is really beautiful. Moreover, this twilight forms a very attractive silhouette charm. Don’t forget to capture it using photos and pictures.

Currently the Kalibiru viewing tower is divided into 5 with different prices to pay. The first spot is the stage spot and the round spot which will cost you 15 thousand rupiah. there is also the form of love which is a favorite for tourists who come at a price of 10 thousand rupiah.

Kalibiru Tree Platform 1
Image via: www.instagram.com/rtanganalia

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Kalibiru Tower of View
Image via: www.instagram.com/ndda_tyha

2. Flying Fox and High Rope

The next activity is to enjoy playing arenas such as flying fox and high rope. Two games that will stimulate your native adrenaline. Many are willing to queue to enjoy this ride. the heart will beat and seem to be able to relieve fatigue.

Unfortunately, at 3 pm this area will be closed. Due to the long queues, it is not possible to fulfill the flying fox quota. The price for a single slide on this rope is 30 thousand rupiah. The price is cheap enough to feel the extraordinary sensation of hanging on a rope.

Kalibiru Sky Bike 1
Image via: www.instagram.com/piphasesari

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Kalibiru Sky Row
Image via: www.instagram.com/zakiaceae

3. Trekking

Enjoying Kalibiru can also be done by trekking. The distance is approximately 2km to 4km. Seeing the view of the hills while taking photos in this area is indeed very pleasant. Moreover, along the way there are impressive photo spots.

Trekking is one of the interesting activities to do. Besides being healthy, enjoying the gentle breeze that blows is an undeniable paradise. The nuances will always be remembered forever.

4. Culinary

After enjoying the various kinds of rides that are here. Native friends can enjoy tasting food menu offerings. There are so many typical Kulon Progo food menus that can be enjoyed. The price is also quite cheap starting at 10 thousand only.

It’s interesting when drinking tea in this culinary area. Because the tea used is original from Kulon Progo farmers. The taste is a little different but very delicious. So don’t miss to drink it. Native friends can also buy the tea without having to brew it with prices starting from 10 thousand rupiah.

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Enjoying Kalibiru can indeed make native friends forget the time. Therefore, in the vicinity of the tour provided lodging facilities in the form of hotels and cottages. The price is quite attractive starting from 200 thousand per night. Native friends can enjoy facilities like queens and kings who are in the palace.

It is recommended for native friends who want to stay to book in advance. Because when the holiday season arrives, this inn is filled with other tourists. So, if it’s impromptu it will be difficult. Unless your native friend goes with backpacker status.

The area around Kalibiru is already friendly with rural-style homestays. With prices starting from 100 thousand only. So native friends can choose which one is the desire to enjoy the holiday.

Kalibiru Pondok Wisata
Image via: www.instagram.com/khaffa22

Address and Route Location

The address for this area is on Jl. Sermo Reservoir, Hargowilis Village, Kokap District, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region Province. To get to this area, you can use a private vehicle from the direction of Jogja.

Native friends can direct the vehicle via the route via Sentolo – Pengasih – Alun-alun Wates – RSUD Wates – Beji – Sermo – Kalibiru. Along the way, native friends will be presented with views of the hills and several waterfalls that can be stopped before heading to Kalibiru.

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Price of admission

The price of admission to this area is quite cheap. Only by paying 5 thousand rupiahs plus parking fees that will be charged at 3 thousand rupiahs for motorbikes and 5 thousand rupiahs for cars.

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Kalibiru is a tour that is indeed tempting to visit. Enjoy the atmosphere and the view is very elegant. Moreover, some of the rides that can be enjoyed with very high security quality.

Let’s make Kali Biru a place to spend the year-end holidays.

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