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Jogja Breccia Cliffs, Photogenic Former Mines

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Tebing Breksi View 1

Maybe some native friends have vacationed in Yogyakarta. It is certain that most tourists who enjoy this gudeg city will definitely miss to come back. Apart from that, the food is delicious, the people are friendly. Yogyakarta also has a myriad of complete tourism.

Starting from the beach, mountains, culture, and much more. One of the beauties of Yogyakarta is present at the Breksi Cliff. Impressive cliffs and bring admiration. Moreover, on this cliff. native friends can see the beauty of a super beautiful sunset.

Curious about this area? let’s explore every corner in Breksi Cliff.

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Jogja Breccia Cliff

You could say this area is enchanting. Where, native friends will be presented with views of limestone cliffs that form a natural landscape. It feels like taking every angle with the camera. Therefore, don’t forget to bring a camera, so that every exciting moment can be captured.

The best time to visit this cliff is in the afternoon. During the day, the hot air in the city of Yogyakarta will feel very stinging. However, for native friends who want to enjoy this area, it is recommended to come during the day. It’s so quiet, you can take photos without having to queue.

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Breccia Cliff View 1
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A brief History

Who knows where this breccia cliff is located? The answer is from limestone produced from deposits and eruptions in the form of volcanic ash from Mount Nglanggeran which is located in Gunung Kidul. Where, the mountain is a volcano that produces a hill morphology as high as 30 meters.

Interestingly, at the time of the research, it turned out that the limestone rocks in this area were almost the same as the rocks found in the Parangtritis to Wonogiri coastal areas. With the best quality stone located in Semilir Village, has a thickness between 300 meters to 600 meters.

Well, before it became a pretty epic tourist area. Breccia cliff is a place for limestone mining. Because, abandoned and not used anymore, this area was transformed into a tourism area. Actually at the time of mining, this area is often visited by tourists. However, only tourists from Yogyakarta.

Then on 30 May 2015, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono inaugurated this area as a new tourism place in Yogyakarta. and become, one of the mainstay of tourism in the Sleman area besides Prambanan Temple.

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Beautiful Breccia Cliff
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Unique Photo Spots

Being in this area, you must be prepared for full memory and full battery. Because almost every corner is a genic spot. Native friends will be presented with a view in the form of a cliff that really looks. These strokes are like, acne spots on the human face.

In addition, being at an altitude makes this area has a fairly cool air. There is one favorite photo spot. Where, during holidays, this area will be filled with tourists. The spot is in the form of wayang carvings, this carving is very detailed, so it really reflects the city of Yogyakarta which is also known as the city of culture.

Breccia Cliff Photo Spot 1
Image via: www.instagram.com/nila_ahp

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One more thing, the carvings on this cliff are dragon carvings as a form of diversity in Indonesia. Especially also in Yogyakarta. Native friends can also take photos on the stairs that present a romantic sensation, when dusk arrives. There is also a photo spot with owls. You can choose from big or small.

Owl Breccia Cliffs
Image via: www.instagram.com/putri_slestari

Meanwhile, on the cliff, native friends will be presented with several photo spots in the form of a bird cage, love with an impressive view. From here, native friends can enjoy the view of the Prambanan temple. Even though it’s quite far. However, it is very interesting to watch.

Here, too, there is a happy lettering area in the form of a circle with a diameter of approximately 15 meters. This place is impressive because it is shaped like a stage. This place is usually used as an arena to hold art performances.

Take a look at night, native friends will see how beautiful this area is with the various lights that have been provided. If you are hungry, don’t be afraid because this area already provides a friendly place to eat. Native friends can enjoy it together with a complete view of cliffs and lakes that look sweet.

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Pendopo Breccia Cliff
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Breksi Cliff will be open from 10 am to 9 pm. But the upper area will be closed at 6 pm. Or after the sunset moment ends. So, don’t miss this stunning romantic area on the cliff.


The Breccia cliff area does seem to be a genic spot to hold events. Because, this place is often used to host various kinds of events, both regional and national, and even international.

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Address and Route Location

The address for this location is Sambirejo, Prambanan, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. Well, to get to this area there are two ways. By using private vehicles and using public transportation.

Well, for tourists who want to use a private vehicle, they can direct the vehicle to the Prambanan intersection. This is the starting point for the Breccia cliff. If from the direction of solo, turn left when you arrive at the red light at the Prambanan market fork. If, from Yogyakarta turn right.

Follow the path until you see a sign leading to Ratu Boko Temple. Approximately 100 meters after turning left, your native friend will meet an intersection. Turn right towards the green temple. Just follow the road and the signage. Native friend’s destination is on the left side of the road,

For native friends who want to take public transportation. The starting point of departure can be from the Giwangan terminal. Or, native friends who come from outside the city can get off at the Yogyakarta monument station. Then, take the Trans Jogja bus with a route to Prambanan Market. The price is quite affordable, namely 5 thousand rupiah.

Well, after arriving at the Prambanan market stop, your native friend can continue by using an ojek available in the market. For the price, native friends can bargain by themselves. The smarter you are, the more native friends you will get the cheaper price.

Breccia Cliff View
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Price of admission

For the price of the entrance ticket for the Breccia cliff, it is still free or rather sincerely giving. Coupled with the parking price for cars is 5 thousand rupiahs, and for motorbikes is 3 thousand rupiahs. pretty cheap price isn’t it.

However, the latest information obtained starting January 2019 this area will be subject to a standard rate of 5 thousand rupiah for domestic tourists. For foreign tourists will be charged a tariff of 10 thousand rupiah. parking price not included. Which is most likely still the same.

Breccia Cliff Videos

Finally, so many trips on this breccia cliff. hopefully native friends start to be tempted by this natural area. Breccia cliffs are proof that the nature of Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta, has not been exhausted. Therefore, let’s protect nature so that it can be used for the common good.

So, when will your native friends visit the Breccia cliffs? This area is waiting for you.

Check out the travel info below, too:

Have a good vacation!

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