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Indonesian Navy Social Service in Buleleng – Bali Travel News

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The social services carried out by the ranks of the Navy (AL) in Buleleng Regency are expected to run in a sustainable manner. Of course, it can also ease the burden on people who have been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. “This is a very good synergy effort,” said Buleleng Regent Putu Agus Suradnyana while attending the Navy’s Social Service activity at the Wantilan of Buleleng Traditional Village, Buleleng District, Sunday (6/6).

Regent Agus Suradnyana explained, in an effort to help the people of Buleleng, especially in the Buleleng Traditional Village, which consists of Banjar Paket Agung and Banjar Bale Agung. It is hoped that this assistance can ease the burden borne by the community, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the demographic structure of Buleleng, its people are predominantly working in the tourism sector. “Ladies and gentlemen who are present today, many of their families depend on work in the tourism sector in Denpasar. Many of them returned to Buleleng because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, although indirectly, the pandemic has affected the lives of the people of Buleleng,” he explained.

The Navy is expected to continue to carry out activities such as this social service on an ongoing basis. Together with all components such as the TNI AD and the police. That way, the Navy will become better known to the people of Buleleng and similar activities by the Navy can continue to help the community, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. “So that people are closer to the Navy. Because so far what the public has seen is the Indonesian Army in green uniforms and the police in brown uniforms,” ​​said Agus Suradnyana.

Assistant for Maritime Potential (Aspotmar) KASAL, Major General TNI (Mar) Widodo Dwi Purwanto, who had the opportunity to attend this social service activity, said that the Navy in accordance with one of its functions, namely fostering maritime potential, has several activities. Among them are community services, namely bridge operations in Subaya Village and social services in the form of health services and distribution of basic food packages in Buleleng Traditional Village. This activity is a form of carrying out the duties mandated by law. “All of these are the duties of the TNI, including the Navy,” he said.

In the task of developing this maritime potential, the Indonesian Navy must synergize with related parties. This includes local governments, communities, other agencies and companies. Synergy is carried out in order to overcome the problems faced by the community. As currently happening is the Covid-19 pandemic which has an impact on the community’s economy. “It has become our obligation in the Navy along with other components to foster the existing maritime potential,” concluded Widodo Dwi Purwanto.

At this social service activity which was also attended by the Commander of the Indonesian Navy Base (Danlanal) Denpasar Marine Colonel (P) I Komang Teguh Ardana, the Indonesian Navy distributed 400 food packages to people who live in a place known as the residence of the mother of the First President of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno. . In addition to the distribution of basic necessities, the community in the area also received free health services in the form of general treatment and light health services as many as 100 people in collaboration with health workers from Buleleng Regency, Polres and Kodim. Social service activities are carried out while still paying attention to and implementing health protocols. (BTN/bud)

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