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Chef Fish Contest and Coconut Bonsai at DNA Building – Bali Travel News

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The Dharma Negara Alaya (DNA) Creative Hub Building has become a forum for creative people in Denpasar City to advance the creative economy. This time hundreds of Balinese chef fish and dozens of coconut bonsai from the community held a contest at the DNA Kreatif Hub, Sunday (6/6). A total of 228 participants took part in the Bali Chef contest and 25 participants took part in the coconut bonsai exhibition. This agenda is inseparable from the collaboration of the Denpasar City Government with the Bali Chef Community and Coconut Bonsai.

Komang Edi Pembina at Puri Koki Bali said that there were 6 categories of competition in the Bali Chef contest. Among them are combination teenagers, combination adults, basic color teenagers, basic color adults, unique classes and two soccer tails. Meanwhile, for coconut bonsai, there will be an exhibition that showcases the beauty and skills of the participants in creating coconuts as bonsai.

The price of Balinese chef fish in the competition ranges from 1.5 million and above to 5 million, this depends on the quality of the fish. “We hope that the Bali Chef Contest will be sustainable and many new breeders will be born among Balinese chef activists in particular, this can also be better known by the Balinese people in particular and maybe abroad,” he said.

A one-day contest which is also expected from the situation and conditions during the pandemic with the shift of people in filling time at home who can later choose a hobby of maintaining Balinese Goldfish, as well as creating coconut bonsai.

Head of Fish Management and Cultivation, Fisheries and Food Security Agency, Agung Suryani appreciated the implementation of the Bali Chef Fish Contest and coconut bonsai. The Balinese Chef Community has more and more fans in Denpasar City as well as many who raise Balinese Koki fish, so it will hold a work shop and seminar on how to raise Balinese Koki fish, so that Balinese Koki goldfish can be better known to the international stage. “My hope is to invite the younger generation to preserve the Balinese chef, hopefully the Balinese chef fish can be preserved, the Balinese chef community will grow,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Development of Tourism Resources and Creative Economy, I Wayan Hendaryana, said that he would facilitate the hobbyists of Balinese chefs and encourage them to make derivative products that support their hobbies. Of course we hope not to forget the license so this will push them to the international market as well as price competition. “Hobby is not just an ordinary hobby but is able to have an economic impact so that the development of the creative economy in the city of Denpasar is getting more advanced,” he said.

One of the visitors named Putu Rica was very happy at this Bali Chef exhibition event. I was happy to see this Balinese chef fish because of its beautiful posture and good tail. I was interested in keeping chefs and at this exhibition you can also directly buy Balinese chef seeds at this exhibition. . “I hope this event will be held often so that the public will know more about the existence of this very beautiful Balinese chef fish and more chef fans not only in Bali can go international,” he said. (BTN/bud)

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