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5 Tourists Victims of Collapsed Bridge Using Illegal Paths to Raja Ampat

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Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno immediately followed up on the case of a bridge collapse at the Kabui Geosite tourist destination in Raja Ampat district.

It is known that 5 tourists who were injured did not use official travel but used illegal routes.

“In Raja Ampat earlier, that these tourists entered illegally or did not go through a process, not through the correct procedure, this will be our finding,” said Sandiaga in Sleman, Friday (4/6/2021).

Sandi ensures that if there is an element of violation of the law, it must be processed through legal channels.

“If there are violations in terms of security, for example in terms of safety, not wearing a life jacket or the readiness of this equipment will be a record and if necessary a warning will be given. And if there are aspects of legal violations, they must be processed legally,” he said.

In addition, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has also prepared a travel corridor arrangement to prevent foreign tourists from entering through illegal channels.

“So that the steps ahead are anticipatory, especially in the future we can prepare this travel corridor arrangement, we can do it firmly that we must comply with every procedure. If you want quality and sustainable tourism, you must obey the law,” he said.

Furthermore, according to the former Deputy Governor of DKI, the case in Raja Ampat will become a study material in the application of CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability).

“There was an accident at a tourist destination, 2 days ago in Anyer there was a drowning, a 15-year-old youth drowned, in Boyolali (Kedung Ombo Reservoir) where 9 victims were during Eid, and several incidents including today that have not been reported to us are a reminder for us. all of us that we must continue to improve the CHSE protocol and our compliance with CHSE in every tourist destination and creative economy center,” he said.

Previously, as many as five tourists suffered injuries due to a bridge at the Kabui Geosite tourist destination, which is commonly called a pencil stone in Raja Ampat district, West Papua province, where they were photographed collapsing. The incident of the collapse of this bridge made local residents commotion.

Quoting Antara, Friday (4/6/2021) from local tourism operators and the people of Raja Ampat, Tuesday, the five tourists who traveled to Raja Ampat did not use official travel but used illegal routes to avoid the amount of levies according to the rules issued by the local government. .

Even the incident that occurred on May 27, 2021 at 12:15 WIT was not reported to the relevant agencies of the Raja Ampat Regency Government. The incident seemed to be hidden from the public as well as related local government agencies.

Information about the collapse of the Batu Pencil bridge in the Raja Ampat Regency, which resulted in five injured tourists, only went viral Monday (31/5) night, after the Raja Ampat Regency tourism operators received a complaint from one of the tourists who used the illegal travel service who felt aggrieved and complaints to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy through the chse.kemenparekraf.go.id website.

Complaints through the chse.kemenparekraf.go.id site made a scene for the local community, local tour operators, tour guides and even tourism observers in the Raja Ampat district because they traveled to Raja Ampat directly from Sorong, did not report to the local government and did not use the services of the local community. as the local government regulations for tourism business actors operating in the area.

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