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Jogja Bay, a family travel destination with various rides

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Jogja Bay Sky View

Vacations are something that is very fun but, Native friends may be confused where to go on vacation? Hot air is the most appropriate for swimming and playing water. Well, this water game is the most fun thing. In Yogyakata, there are many areas that can be used for swimming.

Among all these places, there is one place where all eyes will be fixed on this place. Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark is a place to play water. This world-class destination and being the largest waterpark in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, has all the excitement and interesting challenges.

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Get to know Jogja Bay

This area is built on land belonging to the Maguwoharjo regional treasury. With an area of ​​approximately 7.7 ha. There are approximately 19 rides that can be enjoyed by Native Friends. Many tourists say that Jogja bay is the most sophisticated and complete waterpark in Indonesia with a pirate theme.

The management of Jogja Bay combines two concepts between the Jogja tradition and the fun and fun European pirate figures. A pirate village packed full of greenery and thematic old pirates.

Quite fun isn’t it in this area?

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Wahana Jogja Bay

This Jogja Bay ride is specially packaged for games and education. Where, Native Friends will be presented with rides that combine with earthquakes and tsunamis. There are at least 8 big waves available here. Native friends, can learn how to deal with earthquakes and tsunamis.

Jogja Bay also presents several carnival icons that can be watched every Saturday and Sunday at the Harbor Teater. The Spectacular will start at 3pm. Native friends can also take fun photos with these characters. This musical drama tells about Jogja Bay with the title The Guardian Past In The Future.

Jogja Bay Feature
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Well, in this place you can enjoy the water for life museum. This museum will thoroughly discuss how water functions for the body. In addition, there is also a long history of the Mataram sewer, the largest water drainage in Yogyakarta and whose name is well known by all residents of Yogyakarta.

Memo Racer, a vehicle in Jogja Bay that might be used as a place to compete for speed. Native friends can slide and enjoy this fun with friends or with family, who sooner is the winner. Interesting right? Come on, let’s slide and see if you are the winner.

It doesn’t look complete if you don’t go around the area. Therefore, an advanture bekti vehicle was created. Fulfilling the wishes of a native friend, Bekti is the leader of the royal troops who will take you around on a skateboard. Winding, winding and turning into a fun main dish.

Want to scream and relieve all the tiring burdens in the body. Native friends can enjoy the Volcano Coaster ride. Where, Friend Native will empties into the Jogja Bay river. Don’t be shy to scream out loud, pal Natïve.

Jogja Bay Fun
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Timo-timo rider rides that have a track that is not too long but, make no mistake, don’t be tempted by what it looks like here, Native friends can feel how it feels to be swaying in the high seas.

Jolie Raft River. Enjoy relaxing like being on the beach where Natve Buddy is required to follow the flow of the water which is very pleasant. Want to feel like a boomerang? There is a vehicle called Brando Bomeranggo. Buddy Native will slide on the skateboard at high speed, and feel like a boomerang at the end of the track.

Ziggy Giant Barrel, this vehicle has a slide that is not too big. However, Native friends will get a surprise from the large bazel on the ride. Don’t be surprised by this splash of water, Native friend.

Want to experience how to deal with a tsunami? There is a vehicle called South Beach where you can feel big waves like a tsunami that comes every time. So, get ready, Native friend.

Kula Playpool is a time to relax with the poolside bar. Fun is not it? Well, if you want to flow along with the water, you can use the Donte wild river ride.

If you want to relax with your family, Native friends can take advantage of the Mimi Family ride. Want to be free to play in the water or just rest in the gazebo, Native friends can visit the HIP Playground.

Jogja Bay Gazebo
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In addition to several rides, you can also buy merchandise at the Jogja Bay Store in the form of a large ship like a pirate ship which is very cool, which can be used as an interesting selfie spot.

Hungry? There are several restaurants that you can choose from, such as Freid Chicken, with a variety of really delicious western foods. There is also a very delicious BBQ that can be enjoyed with a semi-outdoor concept, this area is very interesting to visit.

There are also Indonesian specialties that taste very addictive. All Indonesian food can be enjoyed here. This place also provides ice cream that is very fresh, delicious and also healthy. If you want a snack, there is a stand called Ziggy Joly that provides a variety of snacks that are sure to be delicious to enjoy.

In addition, Native friends will also feel safe with the presence of locker and towel rentals. Almost all the facilities needed are available here, so don’t worry. One more thing, Jogja Bay often holds events that have many prizes. So, don’t miss it.

Jogja Bay Rides
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Jogja Bay Wahana 1
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Address and Route Location

The area’s address is on Jalan Utara Stadion, Jenengan, Maguwoharjo, Depok, Yogyakarta Special Region. If you start from the city of Adi Sucipto, turn right to Jalan Raya Solo. Then, turn left onto Jalan Candi Sambisari, then, turn left again onto Jalan Selokan Mataram.

Re-direct the vehicle to Jalan Anggrek and continue to Jalan Diponegoro. Then, turn left again onto Jalan Raya Pasekan towards Jl. Polite. Then, turn right onto Jalan Beringin Raya, and finally turn left onto Jalan Stadium towards Jogja Bay.

Jogja Bay Sky Night
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Entrance Ticket Prices And Promos

Entrance ticket prices for this area are also quite cheap with only 90 thousand rupiah for weekdays and 100 thousand rupiah on weekends for adults. In contrast to the price of children who have to pay tickets of 60 thousand for weekdays and 75 thousand for weekends.

There are various kinds of promos that are trying to present to Native Friends. For those who are curious what are the interesting promos? Native friends can open the Jogja Bay site. Because, there are no patent promos and every month there are always various kinds of adorable promotions.

Jogja Bay videos

Playing in water always leaves an unforgettable impression. Native friends must try the fun. Moreover, various kinds of promos are offered.

Have you been tempted yet? Come on, don’t think long, let’s come to this area and don’t blame us if Natve friends are reluctant to go home.

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