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PBMM Asked to Help Government in Narrowing the Gap – Bali Travel News

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Gianyar Regent Made Mahayastra opened the start of the Lokasabha V Pratisentana Bandesa Manik Mas (PBMM) Gianyar Regency, at Wantilan Pura Taman Pule, Mas Village, Ubud District, at Sukra Wage Krulut, Friday (28/5). Mahayastra advised the Gianyar PBMM management to take a strategic role. “Don’t just take care of the ceremony. Because PBMM already has a famous dub, an andel stakeholder. Take on a much bigger role. How do breeds pay attention to each other, “he pleaded.

Pratisentana Bandesa Manik Mas is expected to be able to assist the government in narrowing the social gap. Because in the pasemetonan it is believed that someone will sit in the DPRD, become entrepreneurs, the bureaucracy. But there are those who are left behind, are underdeveloped, do not have a home. “Help the government narrow this gap. If there are ups and downs in Bandesa Manik Mas, I will be very proud as Regent of Gianyar, “said the official from Payangan.

To the elected management, Mahayastra advised them to carry out their duties well. “PBMM is the best, giving examples to the smallest level. Take good care, don’t get into politics. When politics has entered any organization, it will gradually collapse. Take care of niki, because this pratisentana never goes away. Run it well, especially since the kawitan is in Gianyar. Pratisentana all over Bali come here, “he said.

In the current era, Mahayastra also invited PBMM to innovate in moving the wheels of the organization. “Add back new innovations. Don’t be taboo, use media for good. But on the other hand, don’t look for an opponent, because in a matter of seconds you can easily be an opponent, ”he ordered. He hopes that Lokasabha V will produce good work programs and decisions at the sub-district level that are sincere.

Chairman of the Committee Drs I Wayan Widjaya MSi explained that Lokasabha was held after Mahasabha according to the AD / ART of the Central PBMM. Beginning with the formation of the committee. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, Lokasabha was held with the implementation of strict health protocols. “This workshop is to create a work program and inauguration for the administrators of PBMM Gianyar Regency and administrators of 7 Districts for the period of 2021-2026,” explained Wayan Widjaya who is the General Treasurer of the Central PBMM.

It was explained that the Chairman of PBMM Gianyar I Made Sarwa was elected by deliberation to reach a consensus. Made Sarwa previously served as Secretary of PBMM Gianyar, now replacing the previous Chairman, I Ketut Darma. “We will hold this inauguration at the same time with Mejaya-jaya,” said a silver entrepreneur from Celuk Village.

The chairman of the newly appointed PBMM Gianyar, I Made Sarwa, said that after being inaugurated his management would carry out a work program with the Tri Hita Karana concept. “We will collect data on all Pura Dadia / Pura Panti Bandesa Manik Mas in Gianyar Regency. Also record the number of pasemetonan, so that it is easier to coordinate. The number of semeton PBMM in Gianyar is around 4,000. Now that there is technology, we will maximize it to collect data, “he added,” explained the man from the village / sub-district of Sukawati.

Also attending were Deputy Governor of Bali Tjokorda Artha Ardhana Sukawati, Panglingsir Puri Ubud Tjokorda Raka Kertyasa alias Cok Ibah, Puri Peliatan Tjokorda Nindia, DPRD Gianyar Regency, Muspida Gianyar, Cultural Service, PHDI and MDA Gianyar, Manggala PBMM Pusat, and related invitations. (BTN / bud)

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