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Mrs. Putri Koster Invites Young People to Care about Health from an Early Age – Bali Travel News

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Denpasar – The head of the PKK Bali Province, Mrs. Putri Suastini Koster, invited young people to care about health from an early age. This is because, if you neglect your health in your youth, the impact will be felt in your old age. He conveyed the invitation when he was the keynote speaker at the Webinar Series of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FKIK) Warmadewa University, Saturday (29/5).

Following the webinar from her office in the Jayasabha Building, Ms. Putri Koster then shared simple tips that are a message from generation to generation from parents, namely always remember to wash your hands and feet and brush your teeth before going to bed. “Parents always remind their children to wash their hands, wash their feet and brush their teeth before going to bed. That has many benefits, because the bacteria that are still attached work actively when we sleep, “he said. More than that, young people are reminded to maintain a healthy lifestyle from an early age, for example eating healthy foods with a regular pattern.

In addition to paying attention to physical health through these small steps, the woman who also serves as Manggala Utama Pasikian Peiketan Krama Wife Traditional Village in Bali (PAKIS Bali) again reminded students not to fall into drug abuse. Besides being dangerous to the physical and mental health of the younger generation, he said drug abuse was a form of colonialism. “Because if our children fall into drug abuse, this nation is threatened with losing the next generation,” he added.

Still in her presentation, Mrs. Putri Koster also mentioned the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic and its impact was greatly felt by the world community. Responding to this, he asked the younger generation to remain obedient and obedient to government recommendations, especially in relation to implementing health protocols such as wearing masks, diligently washing hands with soap in running water, keeping distance / away from crowds and reducing mobility. From this program, the woman who is familiarly called Bunda Putri underlined the program to keep a distance / away from the crowd. Because to his knowledge, young people have a penchant for hanging out with friends. He advised, for the time being, young people could refrain from leaving the house too much and hanging out with friends.

Moreover, added Mrs. Putri Koster, technological advances have provided solutions to keep in touch during a pandemic. In addition, this woman who is known to be multitalented invites schoolchildren who are eager to participate in face-to-face learning to be patient.

Dean III FKIK Warmadewa Ni Luh Eka Kartika Sari SSi M.Biomed expressed his appreciation and gratitude for Mrs. Koster’s willingness to be the keynote speaker at the webinar. He conveyed, this activity aims to provide information to young people regarding what to do in the midst of a pandemic situation. (BTN / ery)

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