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Sunrise Point Cukul Pangelang | Chasing the Sunrise in Bandung

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Sunrise Point Cukul Pangelangan

Sunrise Point Cukul Pangelang is an area that you can visit with your family. The location of Sunrise Point Cukul Pangelang is being loved by many tourists.

There are various exciting activities that you can do while on vacation there. Are you curious? Let’s check below.

Photo by rianmuhtazam

Enjoy the Sunrise at Sunrise Point Cukul

The view of the sunrise is one of the natural phenomena that is always an option, especially for nature lovers. When else will you be able to see the sun rise from above a height surrounded by a beautiful and calm environment. This popular tourist location manages to provide stunning views of the sunrise.

In accordance with the name of the place, you can enjoy this phenomenon right from 05.00 am to 07.30 o’clock. The altitude of this place is about 1,600 meters above sea level. No wonder you can see the sunshine peeking out over the hills clearly. Not only that, the seconds of sunrise can be a memory that you will always remember.

The location of Sunrise Point Cukul Pangelang is not far from the city of Bandung. You only need 3 hours from the city center. You can enjoy various other activities after watching the sun rise as a sign that the day has started.

Pose Photos and Videos with the Best View at Sunrise Point Cukul

You will definitely enjoy posing with a lot of style, especially in a place that is quite interesting like this one local tourist destination. This place that presents an interesting view managed to steal your attention. The tourists generally capture every moment here by photographing the scenery.

Not infrequently they pose with beautiful natural backgrounds or record the beautiful atmosphere. You can also make Sunrise Point Cukul Pangelang as a shooting location for professional videos. For example, pre-wedding, creative content, films and many more.

Prepare your photo and video equipment while on vacation to Sunrise Point Cukul Pangelang. Don’t you miss the catch of the interesting moments that are presented. It’s a good idea to have a vacation with family and friends so you can share happiness with one another.

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View of the Tea Garden Dazzling Green

Sunrise Point Cukul
Photo by Laura Brito

Tea gardens are a plant that is often found in cold areas like Bandung. The tourist location of Sunrise Point Cukul also has a beautiful tea garden so that you can make it as an interesting photo background. The green of the tea garden seems like no other green scenery.

This expanse of tea garden can be the right arena for tourists with a hobby of jogging or hiking. The place is very interesting because it is on top of the hills. Tourists can climb the green hills of tea gardens.

For those who like sports, it is also profitable because the trip through the tea garden is quite exhausting. As a result, your body sweats and is definitely healthier. The total area of ​​this tea plantation is fairly large because it reaches 3 hectares. What are you waiting for? immediately invite your family or friends to vacation here.

Camping on the Hill

Are you interested in camping on top of green hills? The bright morning sun with cool mountain air is ready to welcome you. At night you can see the many stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The location of Sunrise Point Cukul Pangelang which is far from urban areas makes it minimal light pollution so that the sky looks brighter and clearer. If you want to see it more clearly, find out when the meteor shower or other celestial phenomenon occurred.

Those are some exciting activities that can make your vacation at Sunrise Point Cukul Pangelang more fun and memorable. Invite friends and family to enjoy the thrill of a vacation at Sunrise Point Cukul.

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So, if you go to Bandung, don’t forget to visit Sunrise Point Cukul. Hopefully useful and happy holidays.

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