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Gembira Loka Yogyakarta Zoo, Not Just Recreation

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Gembira Loka Inside 2

Indonesia is a very rich country. Not only about culture, but also rich and complete natural wealth. This is evidenced by the many rare species of flora and fauna that are cool and interesting to watch. The presence of this species makes Indonesian tourism more diverse and colorful.

Gembira Loka Yogyakarta Zoo is an area that can be said to be super complete. Where, Native Friends will be presented with various kinds of animals that are adorable, funny, and scary. There are also interesting animal attractions to watch. Not only humans can do acrobatics, but animals can too.

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Routes, locations, entrance fees

This tourist attraction is located at Jl. Botanical garden No.2, Kota Gede, Yogyakarta. It is highly recommended that Native Friends who come from outside the city who wish to visit here use public transportation such as the Trans Jogja Bus prepared by the Yogyakarta government. If you are using a bus, then get off at the Giwangan terminal then, replace it with the Trans Jogja Bus.

If, the Native Buddy comes by train. Native friends can get off at Tugu Yogyakarta Station, then, take the east exit to Jalan Malioboro. Native friends can cross to Malioboro street and walk approximately 300 meters to the Bus stop.

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When using a private vehicle, you can use the route from the east ring road to Wonocatur road. Follow the path until the Native Buddy sees a bridge. The zoo is on the left side of the road before the bridge.

Or, you can go through the Maloboro road to the post office intersection. Turn left and go straight for 5-7 kilometers. After crossing the bridge. Sbat Native can direct the vehicle to the right and arrive at the destination.

For operational hours, Gembira Zoo opens at 8 am and closes at 5 pm. For the price of admission to the area, native friends have to pay 30 thousand rupiahs for weekdays and 35 thousand rupiahs for weekends. Expensive? Wait a minute, don’t say expensive before you read what are the interesting rides of the Gembiraloka Zoo.

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Gembira Loka Inside 2
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Interesting rides at Gembira Loka

After passing through the entrance, you will be given several manuals so that you don’t get lost. A garden that is shady and cool will give a welcome greeting to Native Friends.

After traveling approximately 700 meters, native friends will see a museum about animals and plants that are just under development. In the future, this zoo has a museum about small animals and plants.

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Happy Loka Speedboat
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After descending the stairs, you will see an artificial lake. Where there is a ship that can be used to surround this artificial lake. Walking approximately 800 meters, then you will see elephant animals, amounting to 3 to 5 tails. Native friends can feed him or share a photo with the elephant.

Be careful when this elephant is bathing because the water will definitely hit your native friends as well as the dust. On Saturdays and Sundays, Native friends who want to ride an elephant can pay only 10 thousand rupiah. However, for normal days there is no elephant ride.

Then, the action of chimpanzees can also be seen by Native Friends. This chimpanzee is given a house as if it were in a forest area. In each animal that you visit, there is an information board that can be used as knowledge. So, you not only know but also understand how these animals are.

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Happy Loka Animal
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Then, there are small fish and arapaima fish that are quite large in a pond. Arapaima fish are large freshwater fish. Native friends, can see the largest size of the arapaima fish which is so amazing. Then, there are crocodiles daydreaming under the shady trees. Likewise with hippos who are always soaking in water and are reluctant to leave the place. Or also a pyton snake that continues to be seen sleeping in its place.

There are also some kangaroos and deer who are happy and have fun playing around. Or mouse deer who once had a hobby in the bush. Then, a Sumatran tiger and a fierce lion and gorilla who are in a special cage. Be careful, Native friends, don’t let it become their food.

Happy Loka Tiger
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Once satisfied with seeing fierce and ferocious animals, it’s time for us to enter the world of cute and funny birds. Various kinds of eagles are here. Native Friends will also be taken to the world of birds by entering an artificial forest that will impress Native Friends.

Each type of bird has a different area. Native friends will also be taken to several bird areas and see how cute and adorable they are. In addition, you can also take a photo with this bird, more precisely an adorable old sister sitting on a wood.

Currently this zoo is under further development in order to bring in more animals such as the cute and adorable sun bear.

Native friends can also see animal shows on a stage that can only be seen every Saturday, Sunday and holidays. With different schedules starting at 10 am. Don’t miss out on some captivating acts of the local wild star zoo animals.

In addition, you can also play contemporary rides such as water bikes, banana orcas, speedboats, catamaran boats, paddle boats, gethek boats and labyrinth parks. There is also a cart provided for Native friends who want to roam the zoo but are lazy to walk. Only pay 10 thousand rupiah.

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Happy Loka ATV
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Hungry? Don’t worry, we are happy that there is a café above the lake. Shaped like a cruise ship with a variety of dishes that will tempt the tongue. Native friends can enjoy a meal while listening to live music which is only shown every Sunday and holidays.

At exactly 11 noon. Natïve’s pal will be entertained by zookeepers by feeding the animals. Such as tigers, amapaima fish, pyton snakes, chimpanzees. It is necessary to know that you are strictly prohibited from feeding these animals. Except, in the deer cage and also the deer cage and you have to give a donation of 1000 rupiah.

Location Videos

Gembira Loka Zoo is a tourist area that learns about the ins and outs of animals. Educational tours that are fun, fun, and also fun.

For Native friends who are in Yogyakarta and are confused about where to go. This zoo can be used as a suitable alternative vacation.

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